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September 6, 2009

I rarely sing, even in the house..  it’s just something I don’t tend to think about. The rare times I sing, I realize that I truly can sing! Today I was feeling fairly relaxed, and so was able to hit a lot of high notes, without warming up and without straining myself. Stress can really tighten up my throat. My voice range/type is called “high tenor.” And that is exactly in the range I want to sing.

Most guys in pop music, and many in opera and classical as well, sing quite high. Let’s consider some soul singers : Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Billy Paull, one of the guys in The Temptations, Al Green.. these guys could really wail!

Rock vocalists mostly sing pretty high as well – Steven Tyler, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Brian Johnson, Rob Halford, Chris Cornell.. huge vocal range. Ever hear of a band called Steelheart? Probably not, but the vocalist from that band, Miljenko Matijevic, could sing higher than many women. He also sang an amazing tune called “We All Die Young” – a beautiful song from the movie “Rockstar.” Wow.

Classical singing.. there is this group made up of 3 Irish priests, called “The Priests.” They are also amazing – you might have seen and heard them on PBS – they tour all over the place, and are so good, they got the top classical flutist in the world, James Galway, to record with them. These priests are astounding! It would be smart for me to listen to them more.

I should work on my voice. That would be worthwhile, and who cares who else is in the house, right? All great singers and musicians have had to put up with complaints from relatives and neighbors at some point in time.. part of a rite of passage I suppose.. But, I am a conscientious person, so, it being almost 11 pm, I will not sing.. right now.

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