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October 4, 2009

I went out to see the birdies at the wildlife center. I hadn’t taken care of the raptors in awhile because of two very efficient workers who are serving time as part of an alternative work program – so they can stay out of jail. They are great, and clean up the raptor cages, and feed the birds.

Today though, the raptor cages were left for me to do. Three of these enclosures are somewhat dangerous. There are now seven hawks in the smaller flight cage, the one that usually holds owls, except that we are out of wild owls right now, having released them all some weeks back. There is less room to duck in this cage than the other flight cage, which holds only 3 hawks, but I still have some room to maneuver, and only one hawk caused me to have to duck. Not a big deal, just a little scary.

There are two much smaller enclosures which hold one hawk each. In one of them is a quite large Red Tail Hawk, and in the other, a Red Shoulder Hawk. Red Shoulder Hawks are smaller, and quicker, but I’d much rather a RSH flew at me than a RTH, and that is what happened. I was not hurt.

I didn’t go all the way into the RTH’s cage – and I was very fortunate that hawk had its back to me. It could still turn its head to look at me, as an owl would, but, with its back to me, presented much less danger than if it were facing me. I cleaned its cage and fed it quickly.

The other birds were easy enough – no problems.

I then did data entry. I was told that my previous entries, with the exception of one, were not saved into the computer. I figured out my mistake, and retyped the entries, this time saving them properly.

It is very nice to be the only human at the center. Just me and the animals. Our newest indoor addition is a large cage with branches in it, in which were placed 3 tree squirrels – two grey and one black. I didn’t know we got black squirrels in this area. They are all too young to be released yet, and the youngest still requires bottle feeding and home care.

The senior staff members do the homecare. I would love to take a baby squirrel home for the night and feed it and bring it back, except that I would have to drive back to the center the next day, and I don’t work every day. Also, the presence of a squirrel or any other critter would really bother my cat, even if she could not access the room where said critter was currently abiding. My cat, which was injured several days ago, is recovering well, by the way. I feel really bad that I can’t let her outside to play, but she needs to heal for awhile, and I won’t let her out at night anymore.

I finished the data entry, logged out, and shut down the computer, gave the crow one dead mouse, and the raven two dead mice, locked up, and headed home.

I was given the combination to the back door to the center, in case I forget stuff, like car keys. I feel good knowing the combination to the gate and the one for the back door, and being trusted with data entry and locking up. Not everybody on staff gets to know and do these things.

The weather – nice and cool, and the drive home pleasant enough.

I went to Wal-Mart on the way home – always feel a little bad about shopping at Wal-Mart, but hey, I’m poor. I bought some bath stuff – I take baths when I want to shave my head all the way bald – it’s easiest that way, and also good to take baths after workouts to sooth muscles.

It is past 2 am now, and I am hungry, so I will eat, read a little, and go to sleep.

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