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a good day.

April 9, 2010

I’ve wanted to write about good days that I have, but get so superstitious – feeling I’ll just jinx myself by doing so, and therefore, have not often written about good days. But then, I rarely have them. Today though.. pretty darn good compared to most…

Because I felt A LOT calmer than usual. Why? I don’t know, wish I could figure out. My anxiety was extraordinarily intense yesterday into last night, and often when it gets even worse than usual, the next day I am feeling more calm.

I need to have MORE days feeling calm!

A slight lack of sleep actually helped, perhaps. I got out of bed earlier than usual to go to a tutoring class (last session – yay!), which meets on certain Fridays. So, I got out of bed earlier than I normally would have.

That helped, I think, and having completed almost all the work for the class yesterday feels good! I just have to photocopy a tutoring log sheet, or write up another one, and turn that in, and that’s it.

Having low expectations for myself helps too. I didn’t set any goals for myself beyond going to the last tutoring class, and later in the afternoon taking my dad into a chiropractic office where they also do colonics.. super. At least it wasn’t me getting a colonic, though I could probably use one.

The weather certainly helped, a lot! Spring in California.. not bad! Temperature in high 60’s to low 70’s (that’s in Fahrenheit, folks), nice breeze, the air surprisingly clear for this area of the state.  I could see the beginnings of the mountains in the distance, that tells me the air is clearer than usual.

I dropped my dad off, and since I was already on the outskirts of town, and was hungry, decided to drive to another town a little ways away to get food at A&W, whic is a fast food chain out here. Often, the A&W (sorry, I don’t know what those letters stand for..I should look that up) restaurants are also KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken – which is mostly ghastly) restaurants. Both signs are on the walls, and both kinds of food are served. I’m thinking I might be slightly sensitive to beef, so got a chicken sandwich (which was actually pretty good) with spuds and the CLASSIC A&W draft root beer! Heavenly stuff!

Oh yes, a good meal. I drove back to get my dad, mom called asking me to get her some frozen yogurt, and the yogurt place is conveniently located to a good grocery store where I was planning on going anyway, so, since the weather was nice, my dad stayed in the car, I picked up some food and Rolling Rock beer (cheap, and one of my favorites!) for the picnic tmw., and then got yogurt for dad and mom – I skipped on the yogurt due to dairy allergy. – I’ve finally been behaving myself lately and not eating and drinking dairy stuff, and my tinnitus, at times, has been better.

Did I mention the gorgeous weather?

And a great book! So far, it’s great, I’m just into the second chapter. The book is called, “The Gods Drink Whiskey : Stumbling Toward Enlightenment in the Land of the Tattered Buddha” by Stephen T. Asma, who also wrote and illustrated “Buddha for Beginners,” which I read some years ago.

This book is about Asma’s travels in Cambodia, and the kind of Buddhism they practice there, which is called Theravada. If you want to read more of my stuff on Buddhism, see the blog below, or click the tag cloud link over on your right there.

This book is quite helpful!

I read it at the restaurant, and when I came home, I sat outside, listening to the wonderful birdy noises, looking at the beautiful blossoms on the potato vine and the trees nearby, and read the book.

I had a nice fish dinner at home.. always a good thing.

And, the whistle I ordered (pennywhistle or tinwhistle) came in the mail today! I’m not entirely pleased with it, but I think it will do. It is a whistle made by Generation, one of the most famous whistle makers, and was modified by a guy named Jerry Freeman, who “tweaks” whistles to improve their sound and playability (with mostly positive results). Mr. Freeman’s modified whistles cost 3 times more, and I hope the modification was worth the extra cost in this case. I bought one of his whistles last year, and apart from the horribly stinky lacquer applied to the fingertube, the whistle is great! And, the lacquer smell eventually wore off.

This one has a nickel-plated tube, not brass, and it usually (probably always) is the brass tube that gets the lacquer. I don’t know why. But anyway.. the whistle is in the key of B flat, lower, and a little quieter than my main high D whistle, and therefore a little easier on the ears. Each new whistle requires me adjusting to it though, in order to play well.

But hey, it came, and it’s in new condition, and overall sounds good.

I played it for quite awhile today, even outside.. don’t know how the neighbors felt about that. I played all 4 of the whistles I intend to use a lot in the future, and my ears didn’t get much worse! That is progress! I might just be able to practice whistles regularly! These instruments are what I am best at.

What else did I do? Got some nice emails from cool people that I responded to. Talked with my mom some, and  with a friend of the family, who occasionally visits. And she brought me a Tintin book! Haven’t heard of the Adventures of Tintin?! You better google that fictional fella!  I cleaned the kitchen for awhile, cooked, am doing laundry, wrote a long blog (the one below), and that’s pretty much it.

After I’m done with this posting, I’ll bring in the clothes, take a nice long hot bath (would be nice to have some company in a nice hot bath, but I didn’t say today is a perfect day) just a nice hot bath by myself is quite good, I think.

And, I will check my email one more time, eat a bit more, get my clothes from the dryer, read more of the book I mentioned, and go to bed a little earlier if I can, because I’m going to a picnic tmw.! Yay! it’s at a big park with pond and nature area, and some really nice folks will be there, should be an excellent time!

I really wish I could figure out how to be calm much more often, and much less of a basket case.

Today though, I was calm, still am somewhat (even though writing the last blog got me revved up.. I think so fast, and type really fast, but type frantically because I think faster!)

So anyway… a simple, calm peaceful mostly non-neurotic good day!!


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