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April 19, 2010

Heard any good music lately??!! I sure have!!

Jazz, Celtic, Soul, Chill!! These are songs I recently added to my music collection!

“Roman Nights”  Tom Harrell, title track from the album “Roman Nights.” Very mellow piano, and understated but lovely trumpet playing – reminds me of Miles Davis!    Jazz

The Little Tiger ”  – Jay Hoggard, from the  ” Soular Power” album.. vibes! that’s the lead instrument here. Good time changes, piano, upright bass, drums, similar to music by Bobby Hutcherson. – Jazz

Come Ye Disconsolate”   -Hubert Laws, from  “In The Beginning ”  hmm.. soulful tune featuring piano, bass, drums, and.. flute! And this sounds really good! This guy is a famous Jazz flautist. – Jazz/Soul

“The Water Is Wide” –   Innisfree Ceol / Jonathan Johnston (Concert Flute) from the sampler album, “Celtic Millenium”  – one of those albums that has some tunes on it that don’t sound Celtic – New Age music perhaps, but still, a lovely arrangement. VERY relaxing! Do not listen to while driving! Celtic/New Age

“The Western Shore”  – Molly’s Revenge+Moira from  “The Western Shore” Guitar, hand percussion (but not a bodhran), fiddle, octave mandolin, and pipes – beautiful tune! Got this one free from the Molly’s Revenge website because I signed up for their e-newsletter.   Celtic/Folk.

“Magic ”  – Dizzi Dulcimer, from her album “Ezelove Communications” A surprising album! Dizzi is an excellent dulcimer player, more known for her traditional hammered dulcimer instrumentals. This tune is NOT traditional! Dulcimer mixed with trip-house beats and effects and.. yes it actually does sound QUITE good!   (genre? unclassified!)

“I Believe” –  Dizzi Dulcimer, also from the “Ezelove Communications” album. Eastern beats, dulcimer, another far-out track!

“Free Little Bird/The Fox/Old Molly Hare” –  Heartwood (Katie Waldren & Candace Kreitlow) from  “Waterdance ”  Mountain dulcimer (the kind you strum, not hit), guitar, piano, nice!  These ladies do intriguing music! Mostly Celtic, but this one definitely has an Appalachian feel to it.  Celtic/American Folk

“Wind That Shakes The Barley/Woodland Jig ”   – Heartwood  (Katie Waldren & Candace Kreitlow ) from “Waterdance” – Very mellow, slow arrangement, with guitar and fiddle, and an instrument I can’t identify that comes in on the second half. – Folk/Celtic

“Waterdance/Gay-feather”  – Heartwood (Katie Waldren & Candace Kreitlow) from  “Waterdance”   This track is very very peaceful. Dulcimer, harp, hmm.. not exactly Celtic or easily identifiable as folk..I’m getting into music that defies easy genre-labeling!

Mellow Day”  – Timewave, from self-titled ablum.  Acoustic chill music! Guitar, congas, harpsichord..ah yes! This group also doesn’t exactly fit in a particular genre – I guess I would say acoustic world music?

“Strictly Out Of Phase ” -Hooverphonic, from the album with a truly creative title : “The President Of The LSD Golf Club ” This band is from Belgium – kind of dark trip hop, female vocalist, hooky bass-grooves, synth beats, downtempo awesomeness! I’m not really up on all the names for various sub-groups of techno.. this is just mellow, shoegazy, groovy.

“Billie ” – Hooverphonic,    “The President Of The LSD Golf Club.” This track definitely has a Portishead kinda vibe to it (so does the band) but, I like Hooverphonic better than Portishead, Hooverphonic’s tunes are generally not as dark as Porthishead’s tunes (which can be terribly dark indeed) and also Hooverphonic has a more dreamy sound. This one is even more mellow and hypnotic than the one I mentioned above, and these two go well together. Dark and deep.

Note: please pay for your downloads! The only ones I get free are from official band websites that are offered for promotional purposes. Most of these tunes I found on eMusic, which is a subscription service. I have the cheapest plan – $6.49/month for 12 downloads. Super deal! I also occasionally buy tracks from and iTunes.  Brilliant music is always worth paying for!

Be brave! Try unusual music that is new to you! The water is often so much fresher when you are swimming outside the mainstream!

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