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rare day.. the kind of day that will hopefully be less rare..

June 29, 2010

Today has been quite unusual… good things happened!

In my email box this morning and afternoon.. a very gifted amateur guitarist added me as a friend on youtube, and we had a cool little conversation through emails. I put some of his tunes into my youtube videos, and posted one on facebook.

I got an email from a local friend inviting me to a 4th of July activity. I’ll be working that evening, but still, nice to get an invite.

I got the prepaid shipping label (finally) from a guy in New Hampshire who works for a chain of music stores on the East Coast called Daddy’s Junky Music. I have been waiting to send him a saxophone in trade for a VERY basic Yamaha keyboard that he had listed online.

Later in my email box, messages from two women I don’t know well, one of them I only know through FB, but it was cool to get messages from them. One works for the sheriff’s dept. in this county, and I met her in January when I released a hawk she had previously brought in to the wildlife center. She wrote me today to let me know she’ll likely be bringing in another hawk.

The other woman who wrote I don’t know except for emails – she doesn’t live that far away but I’ve never met her. She really liked the Japanese guy’s instrumental that I posted, and wrote a nice little note to let me know.

I try to reach other people with almost all my facebook posting – mostly videos from youtube – music or nature, or else photos I’ve taken or inspiring quotes. It’s great that people are actually getting blessed now and again by what I post.

Other good stuff today..

I got some things done!

Got to UPS and shipped out the sax, went to the post office to mail a RATHER important bit of paperwork for my student loan, went to a local drug store to get a thank you card for my doctor, who helped me with the paperwork, went to Wal Mart to get 2 spiral-bound notebooks. They have a brand called Sasquatch. The paper and notebook cover are made from recycled paper, and the covers look good, I think.

Oh yes.. I did my first batch of “morning pages.”

What are those?

I am entering into a book called “The Artist’s Way,” by Julia Cameron. It is a very spiritual book teaching various techniques designed to get each one in touch with his or her inner creator – that is one of the main goals, anyway. Cameron’s first assignment is doing “morning pages” – 3 pages of free-writing – stream of consciousness writing – longhand, as in, with pen and paper.

I could not locate any of my already somewhat used notebooks, so picked up one that was handmade in Nepal or some place like that – one of those expensive journals you find in bookstores that make you feel good you’re helping some poor person in Nepal – a notebook that looks both primitive and classy.. and is a real drag to write in!

The Sasquatch notebooks I bought today are for the “morning pages.” I will continue to call them that, even though I sometimes get up in the afternoon.

Hey, I actually started! It’s a big deal! I’ve had this book for months!

Let’s see..the movie I wanted from the redbox dvd vending machine at Wally World was in stock, so I got that (will watch it in a bit over an hour – going to finish this blog, take a bath, and shave my head while in the tub) – the movie is “The Wolfman.” If it is even remotely entertaining, and has good visuals, I’ll be satisfied. Nice that it was available to rent.

Then.. went to a discount supermarket to get ingredients for my mom, who cooked up calzones – her first try, and she did well.. just needed extra salt, and tobasco sauce – certain entrees just need tobasco sauce.

Went to the post office again (quick drive, at least), this time for my mom, who didn’t realize earlier that I was going.

Ate a very good meal, as I already mentioned..

Dad’s mental health was better today than yesterday, and he didn’t do much manic pacing through our duplex. That’s a good thing.

Best things about the city I live in are the quantity of trees, and the weather. Yes, it was warm out there, in the low ’90’s, I am guessing and a warm breeze, but it really felt good. Pleasant walk, somewhat pleasant at least.. my head still going somewhat crazy while walking but still managing to appreciate the exercise and nature!

And.. two of the 3 books I ordered from arrived today.. “Irresistable Attraction,” and “The Art of Worldly Wisdom.”

To be honest, I’m really somewhat in shock. I’m not used to anything working out, much less a LOT of things..

Still had to struggle through the day somewhat, but overall, I’d say..

I really got blessed!

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