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little birds, peaceful day

July 26, 2010

I worked with the birdies today – mostly in the room with the smallest, youngest songbirds. There was an almost full-grown acorn woodpecker in the room too, in a big cage. Beautiful bird! I really like woodpeckers.

I handled birds much more than usual, and even caught a couple with my hand instead of the net. I like handling the little birds. They feel good – nice and soft, and I am getting better at holding them so they don’t squirm as much.

I held pigeons, mockingbirds, sparrows, and finches. Did not handle any of them for long, though, as we don’t want any of them to become tame.

I worked for the last hour or more alone – had the place to myself. I wondered what it would feel like to work on my own with the birds in the late evening. It was very peaceful! Didn’t get to full dark outside until 9 pm, and then it was a full moon and a light breeze – beautiful out there!

Not much heavy thoughts at all.

Did read a little of Alan Watts’s book “Be Who You Are,” or is it “Become What You Are.” Yeah, that’s it.. read a little before I left for the wildlife center.

Came home tonight, took a shower, got something to eat, and have been watching several episodes from season 3 of “The Wire” – the most mesmerizing TV show ever, I think.

I’m more than happy to report finally finally finally a day I can call good!

I will try not to worry too much about tomorrow, or the next day..

I might go to sleep soon, might watch another episode..

Not worried about playing the piano or whatever, not much worried about anything.

Just want to stay mellow, take it easy, go to sleep.

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