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legalize drugs!!

October 24, 2010

Ok, this is a huge topic and to really do it justice I’d have to do lots of research and come up with many sophisticated arguments and all of that. However, I’ve already written a completely unrelated posting just now which is over 4,000 words long, and so I’ll keep this short. Also, I’m hungry. No, I don’t have the munchies, in case you are wondering.

It is a common misconception that all those in favor of legalizing drugs are drug users. This is most certainly not the case!

Mainly, I want to avoid the incredibly tragic, ridiculously expensive, terribly unjust “war on drugs.” Think of the hundreds of thousands of killings which have happened because of the illegal narcotics trade. Think of the trillions of dollars wasted. Think about the millions of people in jail or who have been in jail because drugs are illegal. Think about how much money the government not only could have saved, but also could have made if drugs were legal – and taxed.

Let’s face it, legal or not, people will do drugs. My neighbors right now are smoking pot. I had my sliding glass door open so I could get some air, but I don’t like the smell of pot, so I closed the door.

People all over the place are doing drugs. People are going to jail because of drugs and killing and being killed because of drugs. Use of narcotics will not go away. It just won’t. Ever.

If drugs were legal there would be far far fewer people in jail, and far far fewer murdered. There would probably be more users though. There are always trade-offs when making and changing policy. Would there be more intoxicated drivers? Maybe, maybe not. The same people stupid enough to drive drunk are stupid enough to drive high.

Yes, in general, if drugs were legalized, there’d be more users. But there’d be LOTS more treatment programs too. And, my guess is, crime, overall, would really be down. I think it’s worth legalizing drugs, not just pot, all drugs. I believe people should have the choice whether or not they want to get high and what they want to get high on. It would be ok if heroin and meth were more strictly regulated than marijuana. That makes sense.

Pot – I think pot should be sold just like alcohol. I should be able to buy a pack of marijuana cigarettes at a corner store and smoke up. I likely wouldn’t though, since I don;t like the smell, and the only time I tried pot, I got sick, not high. I’d find another way to ingest it, make tea out of it or put it in baked goods, or something.

Many heavy drinkers get horribly violent once they get drunk. I’ve never heard of a single person getting violent while stoned on weed. No, pot-heads get stoned, eat Doritos, listen to Bob Marley and watch the Teletubbies.

Laws need to change!!

Our national drug policy… it is so stupid that not even hemp is allowed. Yes, hemp is a cannabis plant, but it would take a hemp joint the size of a telephone pole to get a person high.

Did you know that the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution were both written on hemp paper? Did you know that you can get over two thirds more paper from an acre of hemp than an acre of trees?

Did you know that hemp products are legal to buy here in the USA – in many health food stores. but cannot be grown legally in the USA? A few weeks ago, I bought a tub of hemp powder – a dietary supplement from Trader Joe’s – bought legally, no narcotic effect at all, but still, grown in Canada. Canadians are starting to allow hash bars too.

In this country, we’re still fighting over the legality of medical marijuana. Talk about nuts!

It is my belief that marijuana is quite likely a LOT healthier than pretty much all prescription drugs. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I’m guessing even smoking opium is healthier than taking certain drugs… such Prozac, for example. Prozac is addictive too.

In California, there is a measure on the ballot come November that would legalize pot for general use. Great!

One problem – even if this measure passes, the federal government will overrule it, and it will be (illegal)business as usual in California.

Even though legalizing drugs, especially weed grass ganja etc.. makes sense, it won’t happen anytime soon, I don’t think.

Why not?

It’s about money. What else could it be about? Oh yes, many people make it out to be a morality issue. It is not a morality issue for the people in power, it’s about money.

There will be lots less need for correctional officers and there will be less prisons in operation if drugs are legalized, but this is not a big concern of the people in power.

The BIG concern is PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES!!! It is these companies that will lose massive amounts of money if even one drug -marijuana- is legalized. Billions and billions of dollars people spend every year on anti-depressants, anti-depressants and sleep aids and many other drugs will be spent on pot if it is legalized. And the pharmaceutical companies don’t exactly like that. To avoid losing all this money, they would have to heavily invest in a legal marijuana trade, which would probably take much time to get set up properly. Setting up something like that would require lots of money, which they don’t want to spend.

I am guessing the pharmaceutical lobby is one of the most powerful and influential in the world. Might be even stronger than the oil lobby, who knows. And guess what companies spend astronomical amounts of money on politicians?

If you believe that government is governing in your best interest.. all the time… well… you are hopelessly naive. Sad to say.

No, it is about the money.

So people will continue to do drugs and sell drugs illegally.

People will continue to be incarcerated.

People will continue to be murdered.

Because our government will not do the responsible thing and legalize, regulate, and tax drugs.

It could be a better world, if certain laws are changed.

I’m really not much of an optimist, but maybe, just maybe, some change will happen.

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