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new albums! (eventually)

October 25, 2010

In an earlier blog, I wrote about two very cool and creative groups – Solar Powered People and Resonner. Both of these bands are now in the process of recording albums. Resonner is doing it themselves – with the fantastic computer technology available for home users these days, it makes sense to make your own recordings if you don’t have a big budget or are not signed to a label.

Resonner’s album will be their first. SPP is making their 3rd. I have the first two, and they are both great. SPP is signed to a Japanese label called Quince. I don’t know if the label provides money for studio time, or if the band has to come up with that.

The singer from Resonner thinks they will finish recording within a few months. I don’t know how long SPP plan to record.

But, regardless of when these albums come out, the releases of these albums is certainly something to look forward to!

You can find both bands on youtube, facebook, and myspace. And I hope you do!

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