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2nd to last shift at wildlife center

November 25, 2010

this past day, I cleaned up after and fed 6 raccoons, 4 squirrels, 3 opossums, 1 coyote, 1 kestrel, 5 barn owls, 4 great horn owls, 5 red tail hawks, 1 swainson’s hawk, 1 cooper’s hawk, 1 sharp shin hawk, 3 pigeons, 1 dove and 1 sparrow.

there were only two people, including me, at the center today. fortunately, during the slow season – from September to April, we don’t have as many animals to look after, and fewer people are needed to get the work done.

i also did other cleaning and locked up the place. i was busy!

this is a raccoon that is not an albino, and obviously not a regular raccoon. i do not know what this type is called.

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