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bed shopping.

February 20, 2011

spent most of the afternoon and part of the evening at a mattress store. third visit there.. since i am mostly rather broke, mom paid for a a bed about a month ago.. this store has a 33 day guarantee.. if you don’t like the bed, they can pick it up and you can choose another one.. from their store, and their store only..

and.. your second choice, you have to stick with!

the bed i bought was an extra large twin. a rare size. i really liked my old bed. my mom, in a frenzy to get rid of as much stuff as possible before we moved, successfully talked me into selling the old queen size bed (which was originally hers and my dads for many years before they started sleeping in separate beds in separate rooms due to my dad’s sleep apnea problems) was sold at our little garage sale (which was actually mostly inside the house.. it looked like this..)

those were two interesting days. the bed was sold for only 20 dollars. i was unhappy with this, but was not in good enough shape mental-health-wise to argue with my mom.. who was not quite in her right mind either, at the time..

she thought that since the bedrooms would be small, a queen-size bed would be too big.. i argued that i didn’t need room in whatever small bedroom i relocated to for much else besides a bed, and maybe a small, narrow table or desk in the corner, and a few instruments that take up very little room. clothes can go in closets, same with books, dvd’s etc.

but she kept pestering me, so i allowed her to sell the bed.

toward the end of December, we went mattress shopping. went to Denver Mattress.. very bad mattresses there, in my opinion… they just seemed rather cheaply made.. then went to a local chain here in Idaho called “Sleep With Grace.” (a rather nice, or rather naughty name for a bed store, depending on how you look at it) good beds there, but the guy at the store said he would not offer any guarantee at all on extra large twin beds because most people don’t want those, and he didn’t want to be stuck with one in the store.. so i didn’t get a mattress there..

and r c willey.. i can’t stand those rc willey commercials! the woman is too damn perky!!

rc willey didn’t have much in what i was told was our price range.. $300.

the following week, i get a call from my mom while i am out driving around. she and my aunt are at another mattress store, which, at this point i will not name.. business dealings not as yet concluded yet.

mom says she is looking at a memory foam bed that is marked down to $800 from $1300 and i should drive down and try it.

i don’t know how or why she decided to increase our price range to $800.. but whatever..

i went down there.

bed shopping.. let me tell you.. it really sucks! laying down on a mattress in a store for a few minutes is no determiner of how the bed will feel in a few weeks or months!

and beds are so technical these days! all sorts of different coils or foam mattresses, and coil mattresses with foam or latex tops.. etc. etc.

it’s tough enough just picking out a mattress for myself. couples have it even tougher.. what if one person wants a firm mattress, the other soft?

get a “sleep number bed?” those are just beds made out of air bags, which are inflated or deflated to make the bed feel firmer or softer. not all that durable, and very very expensive..

so.. getting back to my mattress shopping narrative (how stimulating a story this is)… i spent 4 hours there at the store, on my first visit. finally picked out a mattress..

this one came to about $800 (mattress, bed frame, box spring, tax and delivery charges). i didn’t go for the one made completely out of memory foam. the brand was not Tempurpedic. all the beds in this particular store are made in another town here in Idaho.

the all foam mattress was way too squishy.. i just sunk into it right away.. uncomfortable. it was discounted because someone had previously bought it and returned it.

i selected a mattress with fancy coils (i don’t remember what they are called) and (what i thought was) a much firmer memory foam top..a fairly thick layer of memory foam.

in the store, the bed felt the best. i must have laid down on over 30 mattresses in there.. that’s one reason it took so long to choose.. also, i have some minor back troubles, and got caught up in an overwhelming number of options to choose from..

the bed was delivered a week later – had to be specially made – the store didn’t stock xl twin size beds..

for the first week, it felt pretty good.. but eventually i started to sink deeper and deeper into it. for the past few months, i had been sleeping on air mattresses. one i don’t think was designed for long term use.. got to the point it was impossible to re-inflate.. that old sinking into the floor feeling.. not exactly alarming if sleeping on an air mattress.. but rather alarming indeed if one is sleeping on a mattress that by itself costs close to 700 dollars or something like that.

maybe the memory foam was doing just what it was supposed to.

i had NOT planned on sinking way down into the bed!

there was a slope.. gradually downward toward my back, then bottomed out under my butt, then the bed curved upward quickly past my ass. that was the problem. i was in a position/angle that felt too much like i was sitting down.

i sit down too much as it is.. watching movies, reading, sitting at the computer for hours.. house hunting, blogging, emails, facebook, ebay.. and sometimes sitting down while playing instruments.. if i am working off a songbook, dvd, or computer tutorial with video demonstrations of various bass playing or mandolin techniques.

i lay down not only to sleep, but to take the pressure off my posterior.

after the bed had curved inward, this did not happen. one night i was so uncomfortable i had to get out of that bed, i just couldn’t sleep in it. fortunately, my aunt was staying at a catholic retreat center for the night, so i went to sleep in her bed.. which did not have a fancy mattress, but was perfectly fine..

the nights since that one i have not felt so uncomfortable, but still uncomfortable enough to want to trade in the mattress.

so, i think it was this past Wednesday.. i went back to the store.. tried more mattresses for more hours…

terribly stressful..

still could not choose.. narrowed it down to two..

in the days following, i tried not to worry too much about mattresses.. still working on musical instruments, and thinking too much about them.. an was pondering religions and spirituality for a little while, and watching more movies, and reading more books, and house-hunting… so i had other distractions.. but still, it was, somewhere in my mind.. a worry.

went back on saturday (for me, this is still Saturday night…haven’t gone to bed yet on the unpleasant mattress)

i had planned to only spend a half hour there (ha ha) because i figured i could pick between the two beds. well…. the floor model of one of them was sold earlier today, so i didn’t have that one to compare with the other..

should have made things easier, right? only one left that i liked last time.. so buy that one right?


another ..oh, i’d say at least 3 hours spent there..

store wasn’t busy.. weather being grey and rainy.. and the guy running the store a decent conversationalist, when i felt like talking, instead of laying on this mattress or that and practically crying in frustration because there was no clear choice.. the one i’d tried and liked before just felt too soft and squishy..

after an hour and a half or so, i thought.. gee.. some of these mattresses are of a cheaper style than the one i got, and i can get a queen-size mattress for the same price as the xl twin i am returning.

i like having a queen-size mattress.. sure did for 11 years back in CA.

So i started trying the ones over and over that i could get in queen size.

the one i had previously liked, but, during this third visit, found too squishy, was 100 bucks more for a queen-size.. what i mean is, i would have to pay 100 dollars on top of the value of the mattress i was returning.. nope.. and i didn’t want that one anyway…

so that left 3 that i sort of liked. one, i finally determined, felt too firm. another, cheaper one – several hundred dollars cheaper – felt pretty good, except for the sides of the mattress, for some odd reason, were very very firm, and sitting on the side of the bed – something i tend to do a lot – was quite uncomfortable. i also like laying close to the side of a bed. that would have been uncomfortable.

the policy of the store is that even if i were to choose a cheaper mattress as a replacement for one i didn’t like, i would not be refunded the difference. which sucks. so.. i was thinking of getting a headboard to go with the cheaper mattress, since i would still have almost 300 dollars left over in store credit if i chose the cheaper mattress.

i don’t need a headboard. and i don’t need a mattress with rather stiff sides. if the mattress had sides that were not stiff, i might have gotten it and a headboard, because some of the headboards at the store looked pretty cool. also, i like to sit up in bed and read. the guy told me that just sitting up in bed with one’s back against the wall felt better than sitting up against a headboard.


just a few minutes before the dude was going to close the store, i went back over to a mattress i had not much considered these last two visits, but had liked somewhat on my first visit.. it was number 3 on my list.

i had ruled that mattress out during my second visit, because it too had a memory foam top.

today, while talking with the sales guy, i learned that the memory foam top was much thinner than the one that is part of the mattress i currently have.. therefore.. i would be quite unlikely to sink into it nearly as far..

and, it was the best built mattress for the money…

the one that was the same price.. not bad, but just a little too firm to be comfortable.

so, i made my choice..

the stakes were much higher this time.. this mattress i cannot return. if i don’t like it.. well.. i suppose i can sell it on craigslist… at a greatly reduced price, of course..

since i am getting a queen size mattress instead of a twin, i figure that if the memory foam on one side of the mattress starts to sink in too much, i just sleep on the other side, and let foam on the side i was sleeping on readjust back to where it was.. how much memory does memory foam have? does it readjust? i should have asked that question.. just thinking of it now.. super.

but.. best i could do.. didn’t know what else to do.. the other mattresses just didn’t feel acceptable to me… so i picked this one.

why i like a queen-size bed..

i am 6’3″ .. that’s why i need a bed that is longer than a regular twin bed – my feet hang off the edge a bit or are right on the edge of twin size beds.

sometimes i like to stretch out diagonally, or lay sideways on the bed.. i like to play my instruments laying down sometimes.. i play standing up, play sitting down, and like to play lying down when i’m tired.

i really liked the queen mattress i used to have.. size just felt perfect.

and.. i had an interesting thought about twin size beds..

a twin size bed is a bed with no future.

i hope to move within a year into my own little apartment. i plan on having women over. a twin size bed.. big enough for sex, but not big enough for two to sleep comfortably on afterward.

this thought about twin size beds. it was echoed in an episode of one of my favorite tv shows (one of my MOST favorite) “Community,” which i have been watching (season 1) on DVD.

a character made an insulting remark to another character about how he (the one being insulted – an older man – played brilliantly by Chevy Chase – his best role since Clark Griswold.. actually, his Piers Hawthorne character might even be funnier and more original then Clark Griswold, maybe) should go back to his twin-size bed and think about what he used to do (what his life used to be like.. in other words.. life had passed this older man by, he just slept in a twin bed because he was no longer considered by women to be at all sexually desirable, and that part of his life was no more).

i thought.. damn… that’s how i feel about this twin bed.. a bed with no future.. except that of living with relatives for the rest of my life.. which is unacceptable.

i want a bed with a future.

i chose a queen-size bed.. one large enough to be shared. and one reason i chose the mattress i did was because i thought it would be the most comfortable for future women who will inhabit it with me.

a lovely thought.

so.. i will await this second choice, and hopefully the last choice i will need to make for a very very very long time.

bed shopping.. an experience i do not want to repeat!



you may be wondering why i just spent the last hour or so writing about bed shopping… a rather mundane blog topic..

1. i didn’t feel like watching movies.. i’m in the middle of 2 right now, which i will finish tomorrow “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” (goofy secret army project film with Clooney and Bridges and so forth) and “Eat Pray Love.” Both of them are ok, but not exactly riveting. I checked out “..Goats” from the library earlier this week, and rented EPL from redbox this past evening.

i was feeling down, but somewhat relieved having actually made a decision, and tired.. and just didn’t feel like an action film or something fairly absurd, so picked something mild.. not very good perhaps, but mild.. why not..

juila roberts is not my favorite actress, not even close.. but sometimes chick flicks can be relaxing, even entertaining, and they always feature hot chicks.. plus part of the story is set in India, and part of it set in Bali.. two places i am interested in, so why not..

but… neither of these films was stimulating enough to keep me interested.. and i’d already played mandolin and bass a little.. not much.. i get SO damn frustrated trying to learn to play instruments well… mandolin is more frustrating than bass, but i still want to keep both.. but like to.. avoid practicing if i am feeling really really frustrated..

so.. i sat at the computer awhile, checking out degree programs at two universities out here, looking up career information, studying the job market, then messing about on facebook for awhile, then headed over here to my blog.. to see if i had gotten any comments, and to check how many readers dropped by today.. i usually get at least a few…

.. and ended up writing about shopping for a mattress.

the last reason i wrote this post is to stay in practice. not sure why, but i just didn’t feel like using capital letters much at all tonight.. but still.. this is writing practice.. getting the words out.. something i plan on doing most days, even if i don’t have an intriguing topic to write about.

that’s why i wrote this post.

why did you read it?

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