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oh yeah! a good night!

March 12, 2011

Tonight (3/11/11) I went to a cool coffeehouse to hear some local talent! I did this off and on in California – hearing local bands at various venues – and really wanted to do that out here in Idaho. The coffee house I went to has a full schedule of bands and other entertainment.. pretty cool!

I decided awhile back that unlike when I went to hear bands at various places back in CA, I would not go alone to hear bands in Idaho. I invited people in my support group.

Two women showed up. I like these two women. I sat between them, real cozy-like! Swwweet!!

Yes, that felt good.

The first band was called The Fabric Oats. Can’t say I am crazy about their name. They are usually a trio but one of their bandmates couldn’t make it, so it was just two guys playing ballads with mostly guitars – one guy had a banjo and played that for a tune – and sang.

These guys were a little nervous, but played and sang rather well. Yes, nice mellow sound.

The next band was called The Well Suited. 4 guys – drummer, singer/bassist (not too many of them in music), guitar player, and keyboardist with really cool retro analog equipment. Excellent!

The band is usually backed up by a string quartet, but those other band members did not come. At first I thought I would like to hear them with the string section, but soon decided that violas violins and cello would probably be distracting.

The band was surprisingly good! Funk, punk, soul, blues, unusual rock, lots of humor.. quite a good band! I made two videos with my camera, and a few stills.

Here’s some pictures:

The guys even played a mash-up cover of the Bill Withers classic “Use Me” in combination with “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground. QUITE a creative musical number!

Yes yes.. definitely an excellent show! And only 3 bucks at the door! I wish The Well Suited had CD’s to sell, and that I had a little more money in my pocket. I don’t know if this band has even a demo out yet, but they were great, so they sure should.

They played probably.. 15 or so tunes, I am guessing, All right!

After the music was over, I sat with the ladies for a little while. We talked about the Myers-Briggs personality test. Turns out I, an INFJ, share this classification with one of the women who joined me tonight. I thought that was cool.

We also talked a bit about the drop-in center they just opened for people with various mental health issues.

I didn’t stay to talk with them long though, being tired, and wanting to get home, load up photos and vids to the computer, write this entry, and put some videos on youtube.

For every minute of video, it take at least an hour of downloading time, so I am going to set up the videos to download while I am sleeping. Could take 5 hours or more to put these two short videos on youtube, but that is how it goes.

A lot has happened these past few days, but it is after midnight now, and I want to go to bed before too long.

To mellow out, I might put on one of my favorite videos, called “Whip It!” No, it is NOT an S&M flick, nor is it a documentary of the classic ’80’s band Devo, whose biggest hit was called “Whip it.” That song was not even on the movie soundtrack or in the film! Shocking, but overall the movie is just wonderful.

Directorial debut of Drew Barrymore, and she plays a supporting character in the film. Ellen Page is the star.

I don’t have a crush on Ellen Page, and I don’t consider her sexy or really attractive. She’s just great, that’s all.. super-likable and funny. “Juno” was a classic!

In “Whip It,” she plays a character that is similar to Juno – a witty, unconventional teenager, but her character in “Whip It” is a little more awkward.

Her character’s name is Bliss Cavendar. Her domineering mom keeps putting her in beauty pageants, but Bliss finds her true calling and passion in.. Roller Derby!!

I’d been to a roller derby match some years before the film came out. The match I’d been to was on a flat track though – roller derby on a flat floor.. exciting and great, but not nearly as much as rd on a banked track. I’ve never been to one of those matches.

There are some RD teams here in Idaho, but I think only flat track. Better than nothing.

Right then..

Time to wrap up this blog. The next entries will probably be about the past few days.. going back in time a little before tonight.. then catching up to the present.

Alright then..

So great to have an excellent night, and a special thank you to the two ladies who accompanied me, and to both bands!

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