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March 13, 2011

This entry is a supplement to the one below the most recent pagan post.

I, in a previous entry I wrote today, mentioned that the bid we made for the house we’ve chosen was accepted! Wonderful! Looked for the right house, found it, and now, step 1 of buying it.. several steps to go.. getting the best rate on a loan, home inspection.. escrow.. etc.

Another thing that worked out within the last few days..

My visiting relatives from the Midwest joined my mom and aunt in being able to get my grandma to finally make a decision to be moved to an assisted living place in Michigan.

This is more than wonderful!

My aunt has been practically killing herself for years trying to take care of my so often bitter and highly difficult grandma. My aunt is starting a new job tmw., and there is the business of us (hopefully) moving to attend to.. and taking care of grandma as well? My aunt has continually worn herself out beyond exhaustion.

And, my grandma is not in an assisted living place right now, where she needs to be. She’s been wanting to move to the Midwest for years, but never would.. just tortured my aunt and mom with this back and forth stuff.. so mom, dad, my aunt and myself finally move to Idaho, and get my grandma settled up here to, as best we could.. and now..

She is ready to move to Michigan.

She will likely move sometime in the first week of May. Which will be a wonderful happy day. I know this sounds mean, but I won’t miss her.

Mom and my aunt will. When grandma leaves, it will very well be the last time my mom and my aunt who lives with us will ever see grandma again.

Grandma will be looked after though.. my other aunt and her family live in Michigan, with some other relatives.. so it should work out just peachy.. I hope.

The other thing I wanted to report (besides that I got back into the gym after over a week, worked out for almost 2 hours, and it was a good workout) is that..

Rather loud drum roll plz!

I cut up my credit card.


I ordered one more thing tonight, using the card.. and damnit, just got fed up with it all.

So I cut it up. I have another, but I don’t know where it is, and absolutely won’t use that one, because the interest rate on it is 26%. Yes.. read that again.. I really did just type “26%” !! !! !! !!

I’ll cut that one up as well, when I find it.

I still need to take the listing for the one I cut up off the various online sites I use.. paypal, and especially amazon… as soon as this (last) order on the credit card processes, I will delete the info.

And just tough it out.. spent so much money..

Yesterday, ordered yet more music stuff. I at least paid for the reggae bass book with debit, not credit, but spent almost 45 dollars (which is a lot) on another padded bass strap – the one I bought in November is not any good.. and a little cable..

Enough is enough.

I am worried that someday I will need a tow truck, or be on a date, and will have need of the credit card, but I am just far to irresponsible and obsessive about stuff to continue having it in my possession, or ability to use it online.

I saved one piece of the card. The piece of it that says “Freedom.”

Yeah. That’s right.. freedom from using this card.. and eventually..

Freedom From Debt!

These things.. I thought worth mentioning..

Wow! Three posts in one day.. time to stop writing.

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