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March 21, 2011

Ah yes.. there truly are some pleasures in life!

I have just returned home from a wonderful Chinese buffet restaurant. I ate there.. I’m guessing over a month ago. This evening I had a second wonderful culinary experience there. The food is not always hot, but IS always delicious!!

Such a variety too! I’ve never had Chinese food this good. I especially like the steamed clams and mussels, the curry chicken, the potstickers, something similar to pot stickers, but smaller – shao ma or something like that, and the egg flower soup. And, a pork dish – not strongly spicy but very tasty, and served with mushrooms. I washed this all down with what I am guessing is oolong tea.

Chinese restaurants tend to serve oolong tea, which creates a relaxing feeling. Much better for me than a stressful and over-energized feeling caused by regular black tea.

The restaurant is called Jade Horse. I do not know if it is part of a chain, or just a single place.

The service is good, the decor pleasant and not overdone. The music is even wonderful.


I needed this experience.

Was overly stressed. Went from beyond dead tired and screwed up by meds yesterday.. and decided not to take those meds yesterday so as to be better today.. went from that beyond tired state to my more usual over-amped up, increased and painful tinnitus, in a rush, panicked and slightly paranoid state of mind.

The strong rain and wind and grey grey skies didn’t exactly help.

Also, when I set out, I did not know exactly where I was going.

My first destination was somewhat far away.. farther than I usually drive. I went to an art store in Garden City.

Garden City is strange. It is surrounded by Boise, and not a suburb. I don’t understand it at all. Drive down certain roads, you’re in Boise.. then you’re in Garden City for just a short period of time, then you are in Boise again. Bizarre.

I had asked one of the art club members to recommend an art store out here, and she told me which one I should patronize.. so I did. It’s somewhat off a main road, and looks like a warehouse, so if you are just driving around looking for it, you won’t know it is there. I found it on a map, but still, it took some backtracking and so forth to locate the store. By this time, the rain had increased.

Quite impressive selection of so many things to utilize! And, in the back, a massive amount of canvasses and frames. I’ve never seen such high stacks of these things.

I asked a guy working there where the woodburning kits were. I had previously called, and was told they stocked them. He told me there were none, but I found some without looking for them.. They were in the same aisle as one of the rows of sketchbooks. I turned around and there were the woodburning (wood engraving using a tool that looks like a soldering iron) kits. Only a few, but good enough.

I didn’t buy one of those yet though. I have some wood to work with, which was hauled up from CA. My grandpa on my father’s side, although not a nice man, was artistically talented.. musically.. he played the trumpet, and also gifted in the art of wood working, He did lots of carving, wood sculpting with power tools and hand tools, painting, etc. We have a few of his projects.

He died in ’98, leaving behind among many other things, copious quantities of wood.

My grandma gave me some, as well as an old dremel power tool, some hand tools, books on woodworking, and, what turned out to be.. a busted wood burning kit. It’s alright though. I’m glad I received that woodburning kit even though it is defunct. I am glad because it peaked my interest.

When the weather out here gets month perhaps? Or maybe in May.. I will find a spot in the backyard or garage, and start to work on wood.

I won’t read any of the books, or ask anyone how to do it, I will buy a wood burning kit, read the instructions for that and the dremmel, if there are instructions, and enjoy myself.

Finding a wood burning kit to later buy was only one reason I went to the art store, and not the main reason.

A friend from the support group on Tuesdays loaned me a book this past week called “The Creative Journal : The Art of Finding Yourself,” by Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D. (Did you know the PH stands for Philosophy, and the D is for Doctor? So the Ph.D. initials mean “Doctor of Philosphy.” Strange they use the same word, “doctor,” to mean medical doctor.. the English language is.. interesting..)

I have barely started this book, but have leafed through it some, and have chosen to embark on my own creative journaling expedition. I wonder if the book will be as good as I hope, and was told it is.

This book is still in print. A good sign, considering it was first published back in 1979. How many self-help books published in ’79 are still in print today?

Here is the link for the book. I don’t know how to make that link a hyperlink you can just click on, so you probably will have to copy and paste it.. but that is easy enough.

If I get into this book enough, I should probably buy my own copy.

I get weird ideas.. like possessions.. certain special ones, such as books and musical instruments, take on the energy of their owner.. sort of belong to their owners in an almost spiritual way.. have their own energy.. or at least I sort of think this way, and therefore, if I really like this book, I should buy my own copy.

The main reason I went to the art store was to purchase a sketchbook to use as my creative journal, and some drawing and writing implements to use. I purchased a small set of watercolor pencils, and a two-sided black ink pen. (I am really bothered by other colors of ink used to write with.. for me it’s gotta be black.. in general, colors can affect me quite a bit).

The sketchbook I selected is one made for the application of “dry media” – not only ink, but charcoal, colored pencils, pastel crayons.. stuff like that. I was thinking about getting one that I could use water colors with, as I am somewhat intrigued by water color paint.. almost never have used water colors, but love how they look, but.. water colors are messy, and not the best to use while sitting at a cafe – that’s why I bought watercolor pencils.

I do a fair amount of charcoal drawing. That is, when I’ve gotten around to doing art work.. and will do some more in this sketchbook. Charcoal drawing is rather messy though, so while away from home, I will use ink pens, and various pencils.

After browsing for awhile at the art store, and seeing much cool items, including some things I can use to decorate t-shirts.. something I had thought of years ago .. something I could do to make money.. but have never invested any money or time in.. and lots of other things.. and finally selecting what I did procure, I head out into the rain.

Drove and drove and finally arrived at Jade Horse, purveyors of wonderful Chinese food for the past 20 years.

And now, I am home, and just about to finish this blog.

Tonight, I shall read some of “‘The Creative Journal,” play the mandolin, watch a movie – maybe view “Lost in Translation” (one of my all time favorite movies) for perhaps the 20th time, and relax.. and quite possibly, sleep and sleep well. Not taking the new meds either.

I managed to get over most of the bad feelings I had, and just have to deal with the tinnitus right now, which is still bothering me.

Otherwise, I do feel mostly rather good, and I wanted to mention this in a blog entry.. this chronicle of my life, these past few years.

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