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miscellaneous rants and what i plan on doing today..

March 31, 2011

writing a post in the morning? before breakfast? why?

just because..

By the way.. there is an AWESOME song by Jane’s Addiction called “Just Because.” Check the vid out on youtube.

I tried to put the hyperlink in here, but the HTML text I just added from youtube.. did not add the hyperlink, just turned the rest of the text red! What??? I had to go back to the posting and delete the link.. maybe the text is its (notice I didn’t type “it’s.” That is because “it’s” is NOT possessive, it is an abbreviation of “it is.” Keep that in mind.. but don’t feel bad if you screw that up.. everybody does, including me.. but not often.. hey, majoring in English actually pays off.. yay!! By the way.. I don’t tend to revise and edit these blogs. I type them out REALLY fast, post them, and then just tend to leave them be. You will find mistakes here and there. I’m not an idiot, just somewhat lazy ;>) usual color now? Yes, good.

The original video for the song is on youtube, and there’s also a live vid. for an acoustic version, which is.. quite different, but still rather good, especially the bass line.. which is why I won’t watch the acoustic version much.. really cool basslines .. kinda make me want to play bass again.. but I just sold my bass on Monday..

Lately.. I feel that just about whatever I do or pursue doesn’t matter very much.. career goals, spirituality, musical goals.. so I might as well do what I want and not worry about it.. slightly depressing, or somewhat liberating to think this way.. depending on how I look at it.

Ok.. so.. for today..

Already completed some morning exercises – pressure point exercises I learned in tai chi class years ago, some stretching, but not much yoga.

Very hard to concentrate right now. Hungry, and dad has NPR on right now in the next room. I like NPR… some of the time.. not near as much as I used to, except for a few shows.. listening to NPR for several hours a day.. I experience massive information overload.

And I don’t think NPR should receive government funds. I know this sounds like worse than heresy to so many NPR listeners.. but NPR has such an overtly liberal bias so much of the time!

I am a political moderate. I like balance. Finding balance in media.. probably an impossibility. The folks on Fox news.. I hope they stopped using the phrase “fair and balanced” a long time ago.. they were such liars! Their news channel is just as biased (probably more so!) than some others, just biased on the conservative side of things.

But anyway.. I have sort of a libertarian streak.. inappropriate considering I’m on disability at this time.. but still.. lots of listeners of NPR are likely more wealthy than those people who only listen to hip hop or country stations.

(Some people scare me. I’ve asked people what kinds of music they listen to. The people who say “..just hip hop and country” tend to be low in intelligence and more mentally unbalanced than I am.)

Rich people, attention! Step up and pay for NPR! You got the dough! You can do it!

One problem with withdrawing govt. funding though.. more fund drives.. and more fund drives equals losing some listeners, who, like myself, don’t have much tolerance for fund drives.

I’ve noticed a strange thing occurring on PBS stations (PBS is like NPR, except on TV, not radio). There are far more commercials on PBS (for many years, there were none), AND more and more fund drives?!! WTF?


I love to ramble on these blogs..

What I was going to write was a really short entry on what I plan on doing today..

Go to the gym.. I can only tolerate the ghastly, awful music played at gyms for an hour or so. The two largest clubs I have the option to go to keep their music down lower, and there are sections of those gyms where I can barely hear the music at all, but both of those gyms are a long drive away. So I might just go to one of the closer ones I like less. Once I move, I’ll be lots closer to the larger gyms.

Gotta get some exercise. I’m sway-backed, and my gut sticks out a little., not cool!

I did have an almost meat free day though. Yesterday. Cool.

Let’s see.. going to read an article.. read part of it already.. Found a business magazine I’d previously never heard of called “Bloomburg Weekly” at the gym. The cover article is on Glock firearms, and is about how the company got started.

I used to be into pistol target shooting for about a year and a half, but I didn’t much like Glocks. I am however, quite interested in learning how the company started, and how Glock became the world’s favorite handgun brand.

I almost stole the magazine from the gym, but didn’t, and hoped I’d find a copy of the magazine again.

At the library yesterday, I dropped off a bunch of guitar magazines into the magazine exchange bin. As I was walking out, I decided to dig.. see how many of the guitar magazines disappeared while I was browsing in the rest of the library, and also to see what other magazines were in the bin..

I got lucky! Found the one with the Glock article! So I am going to read that today.

Might read a bit of a novel that I bought for the book club with the pagan people in it.. but as of yesterday evening, I am feeling… reeeeaal iffy about going to that book club.. the only people who show up regularly for it are high-up folks in the pagan group.. including the high priestess.. ok.. I’m curious to see what she will be like.. haven’t met her yet.

Going to watch part of “The French Connection.” “Hey you! Haircut!!” If you haven’t seen that movie, you gotta, it’s a classic! I’ve seen it several times already. The local library has a really good selection of DVD’s. I never go home empty-handed.

To relax tonight…before I go to bed, I will probably watch part of “Lost in Translation” for the 30th time or so..

This evening.. heading out to a wildlife preserve… which is VERY different from a wildlife rehab center, where I worked back in CA. A wildlife rehab center is where wild animals are brought in to be cared for, a wildlife refuge is a nature area where certain birds roost, and where other animals live.. a nature area that is set aside by the government, and is taken care of by a staff – often made up of volunteers.

I am going to a volunteer meeting tonight.

The refuge is just a bit less than an hour’s drive from here. I’ve not been there before. I am eager to attend the meeting.

Besides these things.. will pick away halfheartedly on the mandolin, maybe try to play a little bit of slide guitar, look up some minivans for my mom online.. read some more emails.. write another posting later in the day? Who knows..

Anyway.. really hungry now.. going to stop here.

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  1. Ash permalink
    March 31, 2011 1:49 PM

    oKAY–shit, caps lock–one more comment and I’ll knock it off. See, a Pagan would see your finding of the free magazine with the Glock article as a reward for doing the right thing earlier when you didn’t abscond with the gym magazine. And FYI, I’m not the groupie type; I’ve had more computer exposure today, and this is interesting. Yours is the first blog I’ve subscribed to. I think it’s the feeling of reading honesty, warts and all, which I have an appreciation for. I even started my own blog today. I think. I can’t find it. Bummer.


    • tomschronicles permalink
      April 2, 2011 2:51 PM

      Hmm.. yeah, I try to do what I think is right.. for the most part.. although my morals are more flexible than those of religious people.. or at least the moral codes of religious people..

      It’s one benefit of not being religious.. I can do certain things without feeling guilt.
      Another benefit of having serious doubts about a whole bunch of absolute truths is that I can be (or at least try to be) more tolerant of others.

      Doing good things, karma.. etc. Sometimes when we do good things.. good things happen to us? Maybe this is true.. That’s one of the things I want to blog about soon.

      In any case, I thought it was both unlikely and really cool that this particular issue of a magazine (an obscure publication) which actually turned out to be called “Bloomberg Businessweek,” -I’d gotten the title slightly wrong in my post – happened to be there in the magazine exchange bin when I went to donate a bunch of old guitar magazines, which I’m sure lots of folks would be stoked to get.. lots of tablature, great articles and all that.

      Damn, that was a long sentence! Lately, I’ve on occasion been trying to write long sentences that are not run-on’s. I am not sure if I was successful just now. I want to go back and study grammar some more. Yay.

      “Not the groupie type..had more computer exposure.” Please explain. Not sure I understand.

      Thanks for subscribing to the blog. Although some of the posts I just write for my own benefit, I do write some posts with other people in mind.. hoping to enlighten, educate, and/or entertain some readers here and there.. and it is encouraging to get comments like yours.

      Warts and all? Hell yes! I do refrain from writing some things. I feel keeping certain parts of my life personal is ok. I was writing a long and VERY graphic post yesterday, but I decided not to publish it. I might write an abbreviated post on the same topic instead.. but if I do.. I suggest most folks not read it.

      You started your own blog? Excellent! Let me know when you find it. If you don’t locate it, you can always start a new one.

      Thanks for writing.

  2. Ash permalink
    April 4, 2011 12:14 PM

    Hey, thanks for writing. You are interesting. I haven’t read any of the prior blogs yet, but I will when the kids go back to school. Serendipity, you know. I’m 43, will be 44 in August (LEO! WOO-HOO), and I well remember the genesis of the Internet. A young man I was in high school with was talking about it at the time, something about blah-blah, computers, blah-blah, connecting…and said “This is going to be HUGE. People are going to make a fortune if this takes off.” Anyway, my point is I still marvel at the fact that people can DO this. Meet while hundreds or thousands of miles away. Write their thoughts and in seconds have them expressed and shared literally everywhere, or anywhere, on this planet. Sorry if I sound corny, but this technology is something I treasure, and will never cease to find amazing.

    I think MOST people can do things without feeling guilt, and do. The so-called ‘guilt’ comes in when we/they are held to public opinion, which begs the question, “Does guilt exist without socialization? KNOWING you should feel guilty is completely different than feeling guilty with no social motivation.
    I also think most people aren’t willing to be open with others about how they feel. Honest, in other words. Admitting what is socially unappealing because it doesn’t meet the group’s standards of acceptability. When a person is willing to do this, they are often considered and treated as outcasts. We all know this. So why do it?
    Why do you do it? Why do I? There is a need to self-express, for some people.

    I did find my blog again…it’s on google blogs. “Witches Alone”. Blush. I thought I was being creative because it was available. Feel free, but it’s not as laid-back as yours. (Oh, GODS, Thomas, please….he is talking endlessly about his games. I am listening. Weakly, but doing it.)

    What I meant by “not the groupie type”, was I’m not sure if there is some Blog etiquette of which I am not aware. I didn’t want to be obnoxious by commenting too often.

    I’m trying to catch up here, so moving on to new post.

    • tomschronicles permalink
      April 8, 2011 6:00 PM

      Wow! You’ve written some really deep stuff! I will try to respond as best I can..

      Regarding technology.. yes, it is amazing! I really enjoy my online discussions on this site, emails, FB, etc. Quite astonishing.

      You mentioned knowing someone years ago who was the first person to tell you about the internet.

      I remember a guy back in 7th grade who was talking about modems and computer bulletin boards and suchlike. I didn’t pay much attention. He was one of those ultra-geeky kids who talked way over my head and was even less socially well-adjusted than I was. He’s probably a multi-millionaire now.

      Astrology.. I don’t know much at all about it. I’ll let you guess my sign if you want. I have a hard time taking astrology seriously.. but who knows.. the profile I read for my sign does fit me somewhat..

      Leo.. I don’t know the characteristics of Leos. Something I will have to look up. Why are you excited about being a Leo?

      Guilt.. hmm.. seems like a lot of religious people feel it..I was a Xtian for over 2o years.. and I heard people saying they wouldn’t do this or that because it would “wreck their relationship with God.”

      I find that comment strange.. having a pantheistic perspective.. god being everywhere and in everything.. wrecking a relationship with god is impossible. It even says in the bible that nothing can separate us from the love of god.. so why worry about “wrecking a relationship?” I never understood that back when I was a Xtian..

      Guilt was sure something that was taught.. maybe not explicitly, but it was certainly there. But even while I was a Xtian there were things I did that just didn’t bother me..

      “Does guilt exist without socialization?”

      Excellent question..

      I heard one person explaining the difference between guilt and shame. He said guilt was an internal feeling, whereas shame was the bad feeling we felt when other people noticed some bad thing we did.. shame being more public. I don’t know.

      I suppose guilt is relative .. requires socialization. For example.. some people in some cultures might feel guilty walking around naked, or feel guilty about having sex in the same large room where the whole family sleeps.. but in other cultures such behaviour is totally normal.. hmm..

      As far as risking being a social outcast.. some people .. perhaps most, are really good at conforming to whatever cultural norms there are around them.

      Some people just don’t know themselves well, and couldn’t honestly express themselves if they tried..

      And then there are those of us who believe in Shakespeare’s words, “To thine own self be true.” We just HAVE to be ourselves, even if this risks social censor.


      How do I find your blog? Just google the title?

      I don’t understand what you wrote in parentheses.. something about going on endlessly about games?

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