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a life ended today.

April 9, 2011

I never met him. I don’t know his name, if he had any siblings, or what his life was like. I just know a bit about how he died, and when.

I found out about this young man in an unusual way.

I have been doing some online shopping for my mom – working to find her a vehicle she would like to buy. I found one online last night.

Late this morning, I headed out with mom and my aunt to do some grocery shopping.

After we bought a pile of groceries, they decided to call the man selling the vehicle, to see if we could ride over and look at it, maybe test drive it.

My mom called this man – who happens to have the same name I have – and I overheard most of the conversation.

He asked if we could come take a look at the vehicle this Monday, because his and his wife’s son had just died in an auto accident this morning.

That’s how I found out a life ended today.

I’m not going to write a mediation on death here, or try to come up with anything deep or profound.

All I’m going to say is that if you believe in prayer, then pray for this family. If you believe in sending good energy to people, then do so for this family.

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