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a change in course..

April 10, 2011

Damn, I’ve been writing A LOT today!! This is my forth post! Enough already!

A few hours ago, I wrote yet another long, general entry about religion and spirituality and god and Buddhism and paganism and whatever reality is and all that. Scroll down past the two specifically Buddhist entries to see the one I am referring to.

I’ve written about comparative views on religion, spirituality, “truth”, etc. so many times!! I don’t want to do that anymore!!

I keep coming up with pretty much the same conclusions, and I repeat myself far too often.

So, I will endeavor to make a change.

I will continue to write about Buddhism here and there, since I am still interested in it, but will try not to repeat myself much. I am anticipating writing less about paganism – of course, I’ve said that before.

If I attend a meeting of some kind, then I will have something to write about, I am guessing. I will write about how the particular meeting went, and what I learned in the meeting, and what I agree with, and what I don’t.

Other than that though, I don’t want to continue writing about such cosmic subjects.. since I’ve done so.. exhaustively.. already.

At this point in time.. I feel compelled to return to the Buddhist sangha I went to earlier, and to almost, if not completely, give up on paganism.

I have some disagreements with Buddhism, but through the years of reading Buddhist literature from time to time, I have taken too much in to ignore it.. got infected with it.. so.. I suppose I will go back.


But.. let me reiterate.. I do NOT want to write looong entries repeating the same things about subjects I’ve already covered.

Let’s see if I shall succeed in making a change of course.

Time will tell.

No more entries today, damnit!

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