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busy busy day.

April 11, 2011

Got up early to help mom.

Headed first to the house that she, my dad, and aunt finally own. Mom needed to meet one of the contractors today. The house needs some work, but nothing major.

After that, we headed downtown so mom could turn in some home-owner exemption papers – doing so by April 15 has saved us $1,600.

Then, went to a coffee house downtown.

Then to Lowes to pick up paint samples.

Then she had an eye doctor appt. Which took awhile to get to.

Then far away to a part of town we didn’t even know existed to go for a second look at a Honda Pilot – the one we first checked out on Friday.. I think it was Friday.

Drove the Pilot to our mechanic, who gave his approval.

Then.. by this time, my blood sugar was crashing. I’m hypoglycemic. Had to stop at a Mickey D’s drive-in. I am working on going vegetarian, but this was an emergency.I was starting to feel somewhat faint, and sweat a little..not fun.. all this riding around to different parts of a rather spread out city.. my mom driving, me navigating with the map, squinting at it, trying to figure out routes.

I don’t drive when my mom is in the car. She’s far too bossy. So I ride shotgun and navigate when necessary. Also, sometimes she gets distracted, and is not observant enough to notice when lights change, or when a turn is coming up, stuff like that.

Ok so.. after getting some food, went to a bank branch closest to the neighborhood where the owner of the Pilot lived. Mom got $16,500 in cash. I’ve never seen so much money.

Not a bad price for a Honda Pilot EX-L.. that’s the high end model, but doesn’t have all the frills. We don’t need DVD players and stuff like that. Lots of good options on this vehicle though.

After that, back to the guys house.. took some time to hand over the cash and complete the paperwork – bill of sale, pink slip and such.

Then she drove home in the Pilot. Took the freeway. I don’t like driving on freeways, especially at 6 pm, so I took surface streets, but didn’t take the turns when I should have, ended up riding through a very large and heavily populated park, with the road through it only going one way. Bummer.

Then I messed up again.. finally got back on a route I knew would take me home.

Arrived at home.. ate quickly, then jammed off to the library to quickly select a few movies to bring home.. nice to bring home some movies for free!

And now.. sitting down for a brief moment to recount the events of the day.

Mom has a vehicle to herself. Now, so do I! We won’t need to share a vehicle anymore. I must admit to being a little jealous. I think Honda Pilots are the best SUV’s out there.. very very cool.

But, I like driving the Corolla – not quite enough leg room, or so I feel at times, but otherwise a great car, unless it’s snowing, and it doesn’t snow much out here.

So.. that was my day. Many Many miles..

I’m now going to put on my pajamas, watch “The Italian Job.” – Seen it twice before.. good flick..

Then.. read for awhile, pick at the guitar a little bit.. not hung up anymore about trying to get good, and don’t mind near so much if I’m playing messily. I’m just jamming in my room, and singing a little… so why not.

Ok.. yeah, I should stop here.

Busy Busy Day.

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