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a more mellow day (not every title has to be original!)

April 12, 2011

Today I got to rest some. Still woke up fairly early. Been doing that a lot for more than a month.. don’t know why. Been falling asleep earlier too.. before 2 am. I like this.. used to stay up ’til at least 4 in the need for that.. rather get to sleep earlier and wake up earlier.

Let’s see.. tired now..will try to recount (no, that word doesn’t mean count more than once, it means tell about. just thought you’d like to know) the day.

Oh yeah, I should mention.. I have a vocabulary book.. first book I bought at a Barnes and Noble.. this was back in the ’90’s. I was visiting a friend in Santa Barbara. I’d never been in a B&N before.. it took a few more years before one was built in the city I lived in. B&N in the city I inhabited bought a large space that used to be a huge video store – which was called Video Park. I worked at Video Park. It really did look like a park.. large theme areas, like fake bricks made to look like the inside of a pyramid, and a horror video room that was a mini-haunted house. I didn’t like going in there, especially not after the store closed at night.

Video Park, by the time I started working there, had been bought out by Hollywood Video, and it was corporate policy at the time that all Hollywood Video employees be dressed rather silly during business hours. We had to wear black slacks, white tuxedo shirts, red cumberbons.. don’t know how to spell that word.. and red bow ties.. yes, we felt foolish, and uncomfortable. Video Park eventually went under, and the space was empty until B&N moved in. I frequented b&N for several years, but eventually realized I liked Borders Books a lot better. I don’t go to either store anymore though.. can get books much much cheaper on Amazon. Or thrift stores or used book stores.. and there’s always the library.. books books books!! I’m in the middle of several now..

I’m reading “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” I tried once before.. got too bored.. but am trying again..

Also reading “Diet for a Small Planet.” I think I mentioned that one in a previous blog.

Ok.. yes.. back to my day..

Had the house to myself for quite awhile.. aunt has a part time job.. sometimes just works in the mornings, some days doesn’t work at all, but other days works a full shift. Such was today. Mom and dad were out and around later than usual too, which was nice.

I cleaned up the kitchen, which took longer than I expected. Not fun, but a clean house.. important I think.. also important to contribute to the well-being of the family.

Did a small load of laundry..

And, since I had the house to myself, I sang!! I sang LOUD!! Mostly just parts of songs, as I know only a few songs all the way through.

I have raw talent, but REALLY need to develop it.. especially to make the transition between my regular voice and my falsetto, and to strengthen my falsetto.

Oddly, I can do a pretty good impersonation of Janis Joplin!

I also enjoy trying to sing like Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, the guy from The Psychedelic Furs, the singer from Creed.. Scott Stapp, Layne Staley from Alice and Chains, Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots, and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

I greatly admire Chris Cornell’s voice. That dude has been amazing for several decades!! But, I cannot sing like him. I’ve never heard anyone who could.

I would like to be able to afford singing lessons.. but went into so much debt buying instruments that I didn’t end up playing.. so..

Figured out today that it will take me something like 16 months to pay off both credit cards. I don’t want to move into my own place.. and might not be able to afford to, until my debts are paid. The waiting list for housing for people on disability is 6-8 months, or so I was told.. So I will wait most of a year before applying for housing.. by the time I get the housing, I should have my debts paid off.

Hmm.. oh yes.. besides cleaning, laundry, and singing, I vacuumed out the Corolla. My mom and I won’t be sharing it anymore, since she bought a Honda Pilot yesterday. So, I get to use the Toyota whenever I want! It’s a 2003 model, if I remember correctly. A good car. I like it, except in snow.

The Corolla was filthy. I would have taken it to a car wash, except I was feeling somewhat tired today, and also, my body is slowly adjusting to a vegetarian diet. Those of you who have become vegetarians know what this is like.. not meaning to be crude here. but it means more gas and more time spent sitting on the white throne.

So, stayed home until time to go to support group. I didn’t feel well there. We meet at a coffee house. Usually we have a section upstairs that is a little quieter than on the ground floor, but once a month another group reserves that area, and we sit down stairs.. where it is much noisier.

I cannot filter out noise like most people can.. all these conversations going on around me, and trying to hear people in my group at the same time.. really sets my nerves on edge. Even if I am alone in a crowded and noisy environment I feel quite stressed.

But still, I like our group, and I feel it’s important to keep showing up.

Some of the folks in the group are also in a class that meets on Thursday evenings.. which is pretty cool.

After the group, I headed back home, got a movie from redbox, which I started a little earlier… and will go back into my room and continue. It’s called “How Do You Know?”

An unsual cast.. Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and.. Jack Nicholson. Hmm.. with that cast, and only a buck oh 6 a night, why not.. didn’t feel like any violent or dark movies, wanting something light.

I watched about 40 minutes of the film so far and it is good.

Another movie I took a chance on awhile back was “Morning Glory.” I rarely by DVD’s, but I will buy “Morning Glory.” It’s about an overly perky morning show producer, who has to put up with cranky and neurotic on air talent, and the behind the scenes crew as well. Quite funny.. very good film.

I won’t be buying “How Do You Know?” but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I just don’t like to buy many DVD’s.

That wraps up this entry.. feeling tired.. will watch the movie a little more, read a little more of “Dragon Tattoo..” and go to sleep.

Goodnight to ye!

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