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three couches, old people, and a dragon

April 20, 2011

I’ve decided that since I am able to remember some details about dreams, I think it is interesting, and maybe even important, to record them here in this blog.

The first segment I remember .. a rich woman of about 70 and her butler, of about the same age or a little younger, living in a ritzy New York apartment. All her servant would say, in a British accent, was “Yes, madam,” “Assuredly madam,” things like that – butlerspeak.

One night, we was allowed to have guests. There were three couches in this spacious apartment with white carpet. The butler sat on the middle couch. The couch in the foreground – three people were sitting there, mostly younger. The butler seemed overjoyed to have some new friends to talk to.. he spoke very rapidly, in an American accent. Was so happy, and a little nervous, that he kept stumbling over his words, but the people he was talking to were very nice and kind and happy to talk with him.

The older lady, his employer, sat on the far couch, behind the other couches. She, being of the aristocracy, kept herself removed from the conversation, but yet, since she sat in the same room, it seemed she felt some kindness for her butler.

I was not taking part in this scene. Sometimes I interact with people, other times I just view.

This segment was brief.. there are seamless transitions into other parts, other vignettes of my dreams.

The next one was certainly different. In this dream I interacted with others.

It was a summer night, kind of late, a little humid, in some random city. On a narrow street, narrow enough that only one car at a time could fit through. An old inner-city neighborhood like you’d find in Chicago or Brooklyn or many other Midwest or Eastern cities. It was actually quite humid, and people sat outside, on lawn chairs, some of them underneath umbrellas. It was 11 at night, but no one was tired.

The old couple.. they looked like each other. About the same height, both had somewhat of a stocky build, both fairly short, and both had grey, almost Einstein-like hair. This looked odd on the man, but not on the woman. He wore a t-shirt and jeans. The woman wore the same, except she had a blue long sleeve shirt over her t-shirt, and the dark blue shirt was unbuttoned.

I was feeling somewhat ill at ease. They were not.

I said, “Aren’t you worried about the dragon?” They said no, they were not.

This surprised me, because it was well known that there was a huge dragon flying over the city, and it was terribly dangerous. Most people stayed in their homes.

The old couple were very blaise.

Next scene.. in their house.. on the second story. Apparently there was no ceiling, because the huge dragon had arrived, and stuck his head down into the apartment. HUGE head! It was a blue dragon. He spoke in an American accent, in a voice of a man in his late 20’s or early 30’s.. VERY confident, ominous, powerful.

I don’t remember what he said, but he was telling the old couple they should not have been so cocky. He looked at me once out of the corner of his eye, but didn’t say anything. I think this was because I had earlier shown him some respect, because I had said I felt exposed outside on the street, and was worried about the dragon.

Then, the dragon instantly turned himself into an aged old man with no legs.. not even any stumps, just old legs.

He was hanging suspended from a coat rack of sorts, not impaled by the rack at all, just hanging there, perhaps by an old dark blue sweater. He looked very old, like he was in his late 80’s.. liver spotted skin, etc.

The old married man wanted to kill the dragon, since he seemed to be helpless, just hanging there in the form of an old man.

The old married man picked up a thin, wooden broom handle.

I said, “NO! It’s a trick!”

He didn’t listened, and plunged the broom handle into the chest of the ancient old man that was what the dragon had turned into. The married old man figured that in its current form, the dragon was helpless.

There was a lot of blood, and instantly, it was the old man’s wife that was against the wall, with blood pouring out of her chest, and the broom handle protruding.

Then, the ancient man reappeared again, hanging there.. the dragon in human form, and in a dread voice, told the old married man. “Your wife is dead, you will find her in the bedroom.”

And that was the end of the dream, and I woke up.

As I wrote in the last entry on dreams.. just a little below this one, I mentioned that I did not feel strong emotions in the dreams, I mostly just observed, even though sometimes I interacted with people.. I’ve tended to be somewhat psychologically removed. So what I saw, bothered me, but only a little. That’s how my dreams have tended to be, and how I have been in them. Some dreams, more mellow ones, I have felt a bit more strong emotions, like I was a bit more immersed in these dreams.

But these potentially scary ones haven’t scared me.

I don’t know the meaning or meanings of dreams, and I don’t try to figure them out. I just dream the dreams, and have started to write about them.

A few days ago I checked out a video at a library – a NOVA special from PBS about dreams. I tried to watch it a few minutes ago, but my own dreams from the morning were on m mind, and I felt I should write them down.

I will write more on the subject of dreams, and my own dreams, at a later time.

I was sitting on a lawn chair on one side of this little street. An old couple were sitting sort of across from me

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