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busy day.

April 23, 2011

Today was moving day #1.

Actually, my mom and aunt and I have been bringing stuff over to the house we just bought.. for over a week now. Lots of boxes mostly.

But, today we moved not only a ton (quite possibly literally a ton) of boxes, but furniture, clothes, and many other items of ours as well.

Some friends drove out in their pickup and got here this morning. We loaded up truck and two other vehicles, and unloaded at the other house.

Then, a guy who does our lawn here at the house we are almost finished renting, and who is going to renting the house when we leave, brought a trailer over, and we moved not only boxes but furniture and other stuff, plus reloaded the long bed pickup, my mom’s Honda Pilot, and my aunt’s Kia Sedan.

While carrying an armful of clothes down the stairs here at the rental house late this morning, I fell near the bottom of the stairs, and sprained my left ankle. Super. It is past 11 at night, and still quite swollen.

Let’s see.. after unloading the trailer and the vehicles, the with the trailer (and his daughter who came with him and helped) took off, and the rest of us pigged out on Subway sandwiches, which I don’t care for, but was QUITE hungry so I ate a foot long and five of six inches of another sandwich.

After we ate.. still a few things to unload. Then, while my mom stayed at the house, my aunt, dad and I rode back to the rental house, followed by our friends in the pickup truck.

Since several appliances came with the house we bought, we no longer have need of our washer and dryer, so we donated to our friends, or rather, the place where they live.

They live on the campus of a boarding school of sorts.. where orphans and kids and teenagers from troubled families live. They need a new washer, and could use another dryer too, so we loaded up those appliances and our friends returned to the place out of town where they lived. I told them about a scenic route to get there, which my aunt and I took last week when we met with these friends at a not so good pizza restaurant and then their place. They live right along a river. The first time I went there, it was dark, and I couldn’t see anything, but this time, even though it was getting late in the evening, I got to see more of the country.. nice!

Ok.. so, after our friends left, I took a long bath. soaking in epsom salts. There is a good kind of epsom salts .. a good brand called Dr. Teal’s. It’s FAR better than the Walgreen’s store brand. Both say they smell like lavendar on the label of the bag, but the Walgreens soaking salts have more additives and smell terrible. The Dr. Teal’s stuff is great. It also comes in other varieties, including a foot soak, but I haven’t used that kind, because I like soaking my whole body.

After the bath, I put my pajamas on, and laid on my bed in my upstairs room in the rental house..this wonderful house, this wonderful room… the room faces west and the sun just streams in!

Looks kinda like this..

.. only the sun was higher while I was in my room in late afternoon/early evening. It’s probably the last chance time I will have had to lay on my bed in my room in the sun. The next few days.. I’ll get to those in the moment, but first, another picture I took from my window.. such beautiful sunsets out here!

and after sunset..


You can see one big reason I have felt reluctant to move from this house! My next bedroom is in the bottom level of a tri-level.. not a basement, but just below ground level. A small window, facing north. I will have to sit or stand by the window and look up some to see the sky, and certainly won’t have views of any more sunsets from my bedroom!

One night, here at the rental house, it was late at night, and I noticed the moonlight streaming in and illuminating my room in a soft glow. I looked through the blinds to say hi at the moon. A very nice moment!

But.. I digress..

Even though it was lovely in my room in the sunshine, I couldn’t relax. It’s so often very hard for me to relax in general.. and this is one reason I take a sedative twice or more during the day.. but a day of running around and lifting and loading and unloading.. even harder to calm down..

I helped my aunt load her car up a bit more. She took off for church, and then to the house we bought.

I loaded more stuff into the Toyota, which is the car I have been driving regularly since my mom bought her Honda. The Toyota Corolla is a great little car. I like it. Unless I am driving in a snow storm (which has already happened once.. got stuck out in freak snow storm.. and I’d never driven in snow before.. ever!!) or unless I get into a wreck. Barring those unfortunate incidents, which I hope to avoid, I shall continue to enjoy this car.

Took dad to get something to eat, headed out to the house that we own.. ate, then I unloaded my stuff, helped mom with some things..

And.. finally came home, just a little while ago.

Am having trouble winding down..

Tmw. I have to get up a little earlier than I’d like, drop off the relatives at their church for an Easter service, then find a coffee shop somewhere, then they meet me there in another car, then my aunt comes back to the rental house, and the rest of us are heading out of town.. a couple hours’ drive to where my brother and his family live.. where we will have an Easter meal with them, and drive back here shortly before dark. I am assigned to do a lot of the driving.. and this does not please me.

And Monday..

Monday is moving day #2.

The professional cross-town movers will do their work.. moving the heaviest of our furniture, beds, etc.

I have a psychiatric appt. sometime on Monday, and I also am supposed to find time to drive to another town to drop off a cable modem at Cable One. After that, I will come back to the rental house, load up the rest of the stuff in my room, and the bathroom, and other stuff the movers didn’t move.. maybe a couple loads..

By Tuesday… Tuesday afternoon, I am hoping we will have everything moved out.

Wednesday we will return here to the rental house, and clean and get it ready for the next tenants, who are moving in on Thursday or Friday.

After that… we will spend… hmm.. maybe the next month going through our absurd amount of boxes, putting things in their rightful places, as soon as we figure out what those places are.

Ok.. I have one more post I want to write, but it is very short, and then I will shut the computer down.

I will be offline Sunday night, Monday, and part of Tuesday, because the cable people don’t come to the other house until Tuesday.. if then.. I hope they show up on Tuesday, and I can get back online and continue chronicling my life.

Hmm.. maybe two more posts?

I don’t know..

But it certainly has been a busy day!!

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