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sunday, monday, tuesday. (in not exactly that order) more photographs, too.

April 26, 2011

Today is Tuesday..

Monday morning, woke up, hadn’t had much sleep, strange worrying sensation associated with the word “movers.” Felt this way when I tried to go to sleep on Sunday night.. worried that I would not get enough sleep, because I would have to get up early, because the movers were coming at 8:30 am.

The day previous, Easter Sunday, had not been exactly great.. but some of it, at least a little bit of it, was good.

I haven’t been sleeping much.. too busy during the past days in combination with not much sleep.. causes a slightly manic mental state. mind and body revved up to continue continue continue working driving talking loading unloading, writing, adding photographs (more in this one than in any previous post! click on each photo to enlarge, then hit back button to return to this entry), then editing. I hope I caught at least most of the typos and improved the text of this entry. Difficult to wind down at night after days and evenings like this. busy busy. Since I have this far beyond tired energy, might as well work on the blog.

Since it has been difficult for me to wind down and sleep, I wasn’t that well-rested on Easter Sunday morning. and had a full day ahead of me.

Rode out to the cathedral downtown,

with my aunt in the Toyota Corolla, the car I usually drive. She was driving though, because I was tired, and had a lot of driving to do, later on.

My parents had taken the Honda Pilot out to the cathedral a bit earlier, so as to arrive on time and get a seat. My mom, as always, was at the wheel, because my dad has been too mentally impaired to drive for quite some time.

My aunt double parked at the cathedral, but only for a minute, so she could get out, and I could hop into the driver’s seat.

She arrived to the service a bit late, and had to stand up the whole time. I don’t know if she minded this or not.

I did not go into the cathedral. I only went in once several months ago, to view it and take pictures. For more photos of the cathedral, see the previous entry entitled “st. john’s.” (To see most.. perhaps all of the entries that include pictures, click on the word “photos” or “pictures” in the tag cloud to the right).

I am not a practicing Catholic. When it comes to religion, I am not a practicing anything – although I had been trying for quite sometime to adopt a faith. Was a Christian for over 20 years, but it has been a long time since I identified myself as a Christian. I am, so it seems, non-religious. I remain this way, despite many efforts through the years to be otherwise.

So, instead of taking part in an Easter service, I took the car and went to my favorite downtown coffeehouse. I found parking spot less than a block away. This was fortuitous, considering I had sprained my ankle falling on stairs the day before. Another good thing – no need to put coins in the meters on Sundays – parking is free.

I walked just a little ways down to the coffeehouse, which was busy. I had some decaffe drip coffee – one way to cut down on expenditures is to get drip coffee instead of the fancier lattes and other coffee-related beverages. I ate something called a “joe bar.” Quite tasty – oats, flaxseeds, chocolate chips, other good-for-you ingredients. (Damn, I want one right now. I’m hungry) Excellent food! I was wondering where I could buy a case of these, but thought that if I ate them every day, they just wouldn’t seem as special. Perhaps I will just eat these things at the coffee house downtown, since I do not travel that way very often. Joe Bars and visits to this particular coffeehouse will be special treats.

I brought a book – “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” which I have slowly been reading for a week and a half.. something like that. Over half way through and the book is not as exciting as I had thought it would be. Several nights this past week, reading the book has helped me fall asleep.

Good enough to sit and read though, so that is what I did, I sat and ate, watched people and read.

A guy – either Bosnian or Russian, I am guessing by the sound of the language he spoke (Bosnians have their own language, don’t they? I actually don’t know) hid plastic Easter eggs in various parts of the cafe for his two very little and quite energetic boys. They were cute. Their dad helped them find the eggs. The boys were quite excited. I thought having an impromptu Easter egg hunt in a coffeehouse was an original idea.

About an hour after I arrived, I got a call from mom that the service was over, so I waited a bit, then headed down to the car.

My aunt took the Toyota, and drove off to see my grandma, who lives in this city, but not downtown. I hopped into the Pilot.

My mom, dad and I headed out to a smaller town 2 hours’ drive south of here to visit with my brother, his wife, her mother, my niece, and two nephews.

Mom drove just a little ways, and then we stopped at a very small town, to use the restroom, buy some drinks, and switch drivers. I drove the rest of the way to our destination.

I wish I could say that visiting with my brother and his family is always a positive experience, but most of the time, sadly, it is not.

He, my brother, is usually tired or hyped up on coffee – actually – he’s probably got some form of manic depression – this runs in the family.

He has a part time job he really hates, and complains about it too much. He has informed me that he also complains at work. I am at times surprised he is still employed.

My sister-in-law is always tired because she has been in nursing school for two years. She graduates in less than a month. She then has to take her board exams, in June. That, and find a job. She has already sent out resumes. She is applying for jobs in the town where she and the rest of the family live, and in other places. Where she gets a job determines where the family will live in the near future.

The kids.. Back when my brother and his family, and the rest of us still lived in California, I spent time with the kids each week. Usually two hours spent with them per visit. I timed my arrival at my brother’s house to be just two hours before the kids had to go to bed. Two hours was pretty much all I was willing to spend with the kids.. I only had so much energy. But for the most part I liked them.

My brother and co. moved to Idaho in 2007, and visited us in CA a few times, and we drove up from CA a few times per year to visit with them. It was during these times that visiting and playing with the children became less fun.

This is still the case when my brother’s family heads up here in a more northern part of Idaho to visit us, or when we drive down to visit them, as we did on Sunday.

The simple fact is, my niece and nephews are undisciplined. They are not horrible, but they do not have much respect for their elders, and this makes them often unpleasant to be around. Also, like most kids their age – the oldest is ten, the middle child 8 and the youngest 6 – are loud. I am very sensitive to noise, especially certain types of noise, such as little kids getting rowdy and raising a ruckus.

The food, at least, was pretty good, so the visit was not a total loss. My brother and I talked a little – we do get along well even though we are quite different. And, he wanted to drive the Honda, so we took a ride out of town a little ways so I could see a waterfall flowing down a canyon.

Here are some pictures of the waterfall and canyon:

Even though I wasn’t feeling well, it was good to be outside and see some Nature.

We headed back, and the kids and my mom played Wii – the interactive Nintendo game. I sat and read.

The rest of the relatives watched the kids and my mom play the wii bowling game. My brother and sister-in-law looked especially tired.

I forget what time we left, but we still had enough daylight ahead of us to make the entire trip home before nightfall.

I drove all the way home. I almost never drive unless I am driving alone. My mom is critical of my driving at times, even though I drive well, and in general I tend not to enjoy driving. I am almost always a passenger when not riding alone.

But the Honda Pilot is a very pleasant vehicle to drive. The only problem I had with it was pronounced road noise. Otherwise I quite liked driving it.

The hills were green, and there were periods of pretty clouds, and bright sunshine. Eventually it rained quite a bit as we headed north, then the rain mostly tapered off.

I drove to the rental house, where I was to sleep for the last time. My aunt and I had to be there for the movers arriving the next morning. My parents had already set up their bedroom at the house they and my aunt had recently bought, and that is where they slept.

I got up Monday feeling a little foggy-brained at first, but that cleared for the most part, and though I hadn’t had much sleep, I felt decent.. which was a good thing, considering how busy my day turned out to be.

The movers were on time, and while they loaded some things, I packed up other things. Some of which they moved, and some I just took myself .. loaded up the Corolla.

When the movers were done, I headed out to the closest McDonalds for some breakfast, because there wasn’t much to eat quick in the house. I brought it home, and sat on the floor of a bare room, in a mostly bare house.

Then, I headed out to a city to the southwest, not too far a drive. I had to return a cable modem. The cable service for the town the rental house is in is associated with a different city than the one we have been in the process of moving to, so I had to return the modem to one office before the service techs from another office could install our cable, phone line and internet connection in the family home just purchased by my relatives.

Then I drove back, helped around the house some more.. still lots to be done..

Then I had to drive aways to a psychiatric appt. with a doctor I had not yet met. The appt. went ok. Short appt., but alright. The doctor seemed reasonable. I hoe he stays that way. No new medication added for now, just an increased dose of the mood regulator I’ve been on for over a month.

After the appointment, I drove some more.. this time to an urgent care facility. I felt it wise to have my left ankle looked at. I waited a short while, then saw the doc (or perhaps he was a physician’s assistant). He took a look at my ankle and the rest of my foot, noticed the swelling, quickly got me some crutches. I accepted the crutches because I didn’t want to argue with him, but don’t plan on using the crutches much, if at all, because I don’t have that great of balance, and if I use the crutches, I risk far greater injury than what I have already experienced this week.

The doctor then apologized because the x-ray machine was on the fritz. Someone in the office was rather negligent with the machine, and it had shorted out, or something like that The result being that I was sent to another clinic a short drive away. I waited there, then got some x-rays, then drove back to the first clinic.

I am sometimes grateful for modern technology. The x-rays were sent over digitally so the doctor could read them.

He said I had an old fracture.. a bone fragment that had been in my foot for quite some time. It was many years ago when I last injured that foot. The first time was in 1992, and then again in 1995. I don’t know at which time I had the undiagnosed fracture. I am guessing it was in 1992.

That year, shortly before I was to embark on a trip to a conference center where I was to work as a waiter, I jumped off my friend’s 4×4 pickup, and landed badly on my feet – mostly my left foot.

I thought I had my foot x-ray’d. while at the emergency room the day following my foolish act, but maybe not. I was given crutches and a little foot brace, and sent home.

I spent my first two weeks as a conference center banquet room waiter.. on crutches. The boss said he would give me two weeks’ time to be fully on my feet, or I would have to leave. I recovered just in time to stay for the summer season. I’m not sure staying was a good thing, but that is another story, one I shall probably not get to, but who knows.

So.. this particular injury, the one I suffered on this past Saturday, when I slipt on some stairs, did not incur a fracture, merely a bad sprain.

Good to know.

After the urgent care clinics, I was hungry, so stopped at a fast food restaurant I’d not been to before, called Taco Time. The food was pretty good. Not overwhelmingly so, but decent.

I finished eating, then sat in the car for a little while. Across from me were tall trees near a small house. There were many birds to watch, and a squirrel. I love watching birds and squirrels. They make me happy. One of the great things about living in Idaho is that there is a greater variety of birds to be seen..

…than where I was living in CA, and in the city in CA where I lived, there was hardly anywhere that squirrels would appear. Out here I see squirrels almost everyday.

On Easter Sunday while driving around downtown, I saw two squirrels wrestling in the middle of a not-frequently traveled side street. I found this sight quite amusing.

Hmm.. I think after I ate I went to the house we own, and unloaded my stuff, set up my room, or at least tried to, and watched more of “Community.” . And eventually slept, or rather tried to sleep, here for the first time. Why couldn’t I get much sleep this past night? Because of a certain feline.

Let me say that cats do not do well when adjusting to new surroundings. My cat,

..during the day had seemed fine at this domicile.

However, at night, she was horrible.

She kept wandering.. we live in a tri-level, and she walked up and down through all three levels.. wandering and making a great deal of noise.. meowing plaintively, quite loudly. I did feel sorry for her, but not getting much rest at all, and trying to appease a traumatized cat during the middle of the night.. not much fun.. especially considering I have a sprained ankle and do not do so well walking.. especially up and down stairs.

I finally got the cat in my room and shut the door. She quieted down a little, and I managed to get some sleep.

At 6:30 am this morning, my mom opened my door to let the cat out. She did this because the cat was making lots of noise. “Yowling,” so my mom said. Surprisingly, I did not entirely wake up.

I am actually not sure what time I woke up or why. But, it was earlier than I would have chosen to wake up.

I stayed at home for much of the day. The cable guy dude, and had to stay for over 4 hours to get things set up. He even had to call another tech to come help him. There are 4 satellite dishes attached to this house (which seem ridiculous to me – most people have one. We won’t be removing them all though, because there are birds’ nests on two of them), and all that wiring and messing about by the satellite tv techs during previous years made the cable guys’ job more difficult. I don’t know why the previous owners had so many satellite dishes. This shall remain a mystery.

The cable techs worked, and another guy came over and mowed our back lawn.

I sat on my bed in my room, iced my ankle, and watched a good romantic comedy called “Kate and Leopold,” starring Hugh Jackman (an actor with more talent than most) and Meg Ryan (an actress who is somewhat cute and feisty, and who does rom-coms rather well.. and not much else). It was a bit strange to see Meg Ryan in a romantic comedy without Tom Hanks or Billy Crystal.

The premise of the film is that a man named Stuart, played by Liev Schriber, (probably misspelling his name) finds a timewarp, into New York of the late 1800’s, and Leopold (Hugh Jackman), an aristocrat from that time, follows Stuart through the time warp into modern day New York. The aristocrat ends up in the other man’s apartment building, where the character (Kate) played by Meg Ryan happens to live..and you can guess what happens from there. Still, a good movie. The parts that took place in the 1800’s were especially well done, and there was at least a fair amount of both humor, heart, and chivalry in the film.

Jackman and Schriber, years after “Kate and Leopold” was made, went on to co-star in a very different movie, “Wolverine.” They played brothers who were also enemies. Jackman, before he starred in K and L, got his break by emobodying the iconic X-men character Wolverine, in the first X-men film. That was what launched his career. The movie entitled “Wolverine” was made later, but was a pre-quel. It was a rather good action flick. If you happen to see it, please try to get past the fact that Wolverine looks rather older than he did in the X-men trilogy, even though what happens in the “Wolverine” film happened before the events in the X-men films. Perplexed? That’s alright.

After the movie was over, I decided that since one of the cable techs was still here, I should fire up the computer to make sure the internet connection worked. Turns out it was not set up properly. So the tech had to stay longer to set things right.

I am glad I did not wait until after he was gone to discover the problem. I would have had to call into tech support on the phone. Calling into tech support is never fun, regardless of the reason. At least Cable One has a call center in Phoenix, and so had I to call, I would have at least been able to speak with an American who speaks American English, instead of speaking to someone with a very thick accent from India, who speaks a different form of English.

But, because I had the inspiration of having the tech check, I saved myself an unpleasant and lengthy phone call. I have more than enough to deal with as it is.

I have been beyond tired all day.. at times manically tired.. as evidenced by this rather long post.

Despite my sprain, I rode out to the rental house, to help mom with more loads of things to carry.. smaller things we had not had packed, hanging clothes, and food from the indoor and outdoor fridges. My aunt had to work today, so she couldn’t help. My dad is not only somewhat mentally impaired but also somewhat physically impaired, so he has not been able to help us much at all with our moving duties. Ironically, it is I who fell on the stairs, not him, so for awhile at least, I am physically impaired a little too, until this sprain heels.

Today, up and down those treacherous stairs I went.

We loaded up the Pilot yet again, and were too hungry to drive home without stopping somewhere.

Mom decided she wanted to try Taco Time, so I had food from this establishment two evenings in a row.

The staff was courteous yesterday. Even better staff on duty today. The guy at the register was funny, and there were two somewhat attractive girls working at the restaurant, and both of the girls seemed happy to see me. NIce! Sometimes women are just being friendly because that is part of their job. Other times there is a light in their eyes and they are being friendly because they have taken an instant liking to the guy they are looking at and talking with. Quite pleasant.

It is good to appreciate the simple things in life.

I also got to watch the squirrel and birds for a short time, while waiting for the food.

We got the food to go, and headed back home.

I ate, then called a friend. While I was on the phone, I sat on a bench in our beautiful backyard, and saw the clouds go past the sun, and watched and listened to the wind in the trees.

After our conversation, I got out the camera and took some pictures in the backyard (I call it a backyard, but it’s more like a miniature park!) Here are a few scenic views, which I shall enjoy every day I am here:

After taking the pictures, I unloaded the Pilot, and sorted out dirty laundry. I had planned on doing two loads. However, we thus far have not been able to find many items in the hundred (maybe not quite that many, but it sure seems like it) boxes of various sizes, including the fragrance-free fabric softener.. the kind I need to use. I have sensitive skin, and a sensitive nose, so need fragrance free fabric softener.

There are two piles of laundry in my room, a tripping hazard, but I have been too tired to drive this whole day to drive out and buy more fabric softener, or rummage through umpteen boxes. On rare days, I can tell I am far too tired to drive safely. (Was even too tired to attend my support group – it would take almost 45 minutes to drive to the location where the group meets). I have felt too tired to drive at all.

I decided instead to edit the “about” section here on my blog, and then, chose to write an entry. This is my 206th post!

What shall I do with the rest of the evening? Take a shower perhaps. Read, watch a DVD.. more of “Community,” or perhaps a documentary called “Freakanomics.” No, I’ll edit this blog and add the photos (I wrote this entry first, then added photos, then edited and rewrote some here and there. This post has taken more hours than usual). I’ll watch a DVD and read a little later. Still have to have my late night snack. It’s now almost 11 pm).

I probably will not get much sleep. All day, my cat has huddled in a cupboard, only now emerging. At about the time we all decide to attempt sleep, she will begin her unruly symphony of unpleasant ululations. And I shall have to quarantine her to my room so the others can get some sleep. So far though, since she has emerged from her cupboard, where she chose to hide out and sleep all day, she has been quiet. But then this might be because not all of us have tried to go to sleep yet. Maybe I should be more optimistic, and believe that she will be much quieter tonight. This is possible.

I do not know what tmw. will bring, and I don’t want to think about it. I do not want to face yet another day without much sleep, and with yet more manual labor to be done, while hobbling around with one injured foot. I think my aunt is not working tmw. and if not, she will be able to help my mom, and I will stay home, try to spend less time walking around, ice my foot, work on my room, relax.

This Thursday.. a dentist appt. .. yet another. This time the dentist and his assistant (hopefully the same somewhat sexy woman as last time) will be putting in a gold crown.

I have one more dentist appointment after that -hopefully only one more.. fillings to be rebuilt and the rest of the teeth cleaning to be done. That will be on May 5th, though.

Oh great, I knew I would be jinxing myself by writing that the cat is peaceful she is starting to roam around and make noise. Super.

Also this Thursday, a mental health training class, and time to hang out afterward. I hope by Thursday I am feeling better.

And Friday, .. if I am up to it.. drive aways to a university to meet up with the girl I gave the Juno beanie to (see previous posting) and some of her friends, to see a documentary film.

Time to stop writing, I think. I have been typing for several hours, and my fingers, and my ass, are sore. I really should have been sitting or a chair with more cushioning to it, and propping up my foot, but oh well.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I worked harder than usual on it.

Yes, time to stop, so I shall.

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