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good morning.

May 25, 2011

just woke up a half hour or so ago.. 10:54 am. had wild dreams, to complicated and convoluted… still worthy of the attempt to jot down.. but have written more than usual this week.. last night, started to draw again after not doing so for a long time, have also been writing emails, putting instruments and related materials on ebay and craigslist, and have been playing guitar regularly.. right hand is the dominant hand.. and it hurt last night! i play guitar finger-style.. using all but the pinkie finger.. this is rougher on the hand than strumming.

damn messed up timing! finally started drawing! finally interested in playing guitar nightly! and now. ouch.. won’t be able to type much more.
alright then.. can draw with left hand.. work on some basslines on keyboard.. also with left hand.. a piano teacher guy doing a workshop said to get the left hand coordinated first anyway.. don’t want to play keyboard that much, but i have one..

ehh.. other things today..

.. got an email via youtube from a woman who runs a wildlife rehab center in Oregon. I watched her two videos.. and added her as a friend.. that’s something cool to find in my inbox when I wake up. And.. got a comment here on the blog from one of my readers.. thanx! I feel better now. Good things to wake up to.

what’s ahead for the day?

picking up a library book.. something to do with angels.. it’s called “A Madness of Angels.” Brother recommended it..

Been thinking of angels lately.. quite possible to think of angels in a non-religious context. The book might be good, or trigger Christian or pagan fixations though.. if so I will soon put it down.

My goal is to NOT write about religion or spirituality much at all anymore.. unless I’m discussing a novel or mythology, or something like that.. but otherwise.. no more!! Not healthy for me..

right then.. off to the dentist today.. 6th appointment in passed two months! DaMn!! before I moved here to Idaho, hadn’t seen a dentist in almost 20 years, so not surprising i need so much work.still sucks though… really sucks!!

They might numb me again quite a bit today. Horrible. At least it wears off within four hours of being injected..or 5 hours or.. don’t want to think about it.. the dental assistant is cute, but i’d rather stay home then have another visit with her.. not that i can talk much with a numb mouth and all these dental instruments (torture devices) being jabbed at my teeth!

for more on dentistry, rent or buy the DVD “Bill Cosby, Himself” – he has a long skit on dentistry.. incredibly funny!! Bill Cosby.. best .. standup.. comic.. ever. full stop.

What else to do today.. hope to get some bids on ebay, need to sell my stuff so I can go down to my favorite music store and pick out an electric guitar!!

Wah pedal arriving today, i ordered the strongest, meanest one i could find on ebay.. the Mark Tremonti wah. I don’t remember ever hearing Tremonti using a wah pedal.. but nevermind.

Wah pedal? what’s that? Plug your guitar into it, then plug in other effects devices, which plug into the amp. The way looks like a gas pedal.. makes guitar sound go nasty.. wah wah chickah wah wah.chickah chickah.. . like in zillions of songs.. such as “Shaft,” by Isaac Hayes, (what?!! you haven’t heard “Shaft??!!”), ,the “Beavis and Butthead Do America” theme.. also by Isaac Hayes, “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine!!” (watch the vid. for that track on youtube) VERY fun device to use!! I don’t know how to play the theme from “Shaft” or “Bulls on Parade”.. but someday..

The wah pedal.. I will put in storage until I’ve bought an electric guitar I like.. whenever that will be..

i’ve put the mandolin on craigslist.. got an inquiry about it last night.. maybe sell it today or tmw.

ok.. done typing..ouch.. not going to proofread and edit this post..right now.. hungry..

time for breakfast.

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