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angels, demons..etc.

June 9, 2011

First of all, no, the title of this entry does not refer to the Dan Brown novel called “Angels and Demons.” I did not read that book, because I thought Brown’s book, “The DaVinci Code” was total shite. I don’t care how many copies it sold. It was very poorly written, and the movie for “The DaVinci Code” really sucked too.

So, it’s 2:25 am. Yes, I am a little tired, but I just ate about 20 minutes ago, and it isn’t exactly healthy or comfortable to lay down right away after a snack or a meal.. in this case, I finished off the banana bread.

It’s weird. Last week or the week before that, I was thinking about angels. Even thought of getting angel wings tattooed on my forearms.. which would probably be a really stupid thing.. in case I want to try for a professional job someday.

I got the angel wing tattoo idea from a wild movie called “Max Payne,” which I’ve seen twice so far. It doesn’t have anything to do with angels, but I really like the wings tattoos in that film.

I knew a guy back in CA. He was my next door neighbor for some years. We didn’t get along especially well, and almost got in a fight once, but that is not why I am bringing him up. He had the best tattoos I have ever seen. One of them was an angel. Even before our conflict, he would not tell me where he had his work done. Every other person I’ve ever asked about tattoos has been more than happy to tell me what tattoo parlor or artist was responsible for the art on skin. Yes, this dude was odd.. but perhaps saved me from getting a tattoo? No, I doubt it.. I spend money on musical gear, books, and movie rentals.. and bills of course.

Why angels this past week though? I don’t know. Haven’t read anything about angels, don’t believe much in angels, but have had them on my mind.. A few weeks ago, I posted on facebook a drawing I made.. which was part of a graphic novel I was working on. A not-so-angelic angel, and a smart and fairly nice but melancholy demon are friends…

But that was awhile ago.

And past few days, it has been demons.. maybe earlier than the past few days – it was sometime last week I got out my copy of “Constantine,” which I have already watched at least 4 times already.. and watched part of it again.

An1d this past Saturday, I went to a really wild art exhibit.. just huge! It was in a music house concert hall kind of place.

My favorite artist was a guy who did really graphic, demonic, VERY sexual, and quite blasphemous art. And I liked his stuff best!! I bought
four of his buttons, and got two little prints, just a bit bigger than postcards.

Another artist also painted a demon, one that looked more Eastern. I thought that one was really cool too.

Yesterday, I even thought about Anton Levay (spelling?) the late head of the Church of Satan, and author of the Satanic Bible.. which I have never read.. I dismissed these thoughts.. but.

My head has been SO messed up until the second part of today.. so down so long, except for the few hours I was at the exhibit, and made a video of it and talked with people, some of whom I already met, and some I hadn’t.

But besides that.. awful..

As I mentioned in the entry below this one, I tend to gravitate toward the dark stuff when I’ve been down so long.

So I checked out the first two John Constantine Hellblazer graphic novels.

For more than half the day, night, etc, I felt better than usual. Closed my case with ebay.. and the winning bidder who didn’t pay will get a strike put on his/her record..which is good.. a just punishment, and this also warns other sellers. Finally closed that case.. feel good about that.

And watched “Pulp Fiction.” 7th time I’ve seen it.. yes, certain parts made me sick, and occasionally bored, but I found more humor than I had earlier.

I put my guitar on craigslist.. and will not worry tonight if it sells.. not so worried at all tonight..

Felt pretty good..

Then started reading the first Constantine story with the hideous demonic artwork. The graphic novels are MUCh more intense than the movie.

I couldn’t get through the first story..

While make myself sick? Why screw up my brain?

Why force myself to read this stuff? I checked out the graphic novels earlier today when I was feeling really really really bad.

But I’ve been feeling better! It’s a self-destructive thing.. if I notice I am feeling better, I try to wreck it.. sometimes I don’t even have to try.

But this time, I put the book down. Now I don’t want that one or the other I checked out to be in my room.

So.. still have one of the intense art prints in my drawer.. from the exhibit.. maybe should not look at it for awhile. The demons look cool, and the angels look stupid.

And I don’t even want to begin to think about the possibility of such beings actually existing. That would do me serious harm to think about.

As I wrote in a previous post.. talk to a psychiatrist about invisible beings that are out to get you, and the shrink will have you hospitalized, and loaded up with Thorazine or Haldol.. anti-pychotic drugs.. very powerful.

Talk to a pastor about believing in evil beings that are out to get you, and he will not freak out at all.. just say a little prayer with you or for you, and say in Jesus name get thee behind me Satan, and send you on your way.. the pastor will be no more perturbed than if you two had been discussing golf.

Funny ol’ world, ain’t it?

So.. I’ll finish watching the movie sometime this week, or whenever, but will bring back the graphic novels soon.

I get slightly sickened, and creeped out by them. They have to go.

I must say that I do like some of the angels and demons stories in the Bible though, especially most of the Book of Revelation. The first part of the book is rather boring, but all that apocalyptic stuff .. awesome!

(Great fiction.. myths.. that’s what I think of the Bible stories.. I think the same way about Hindu myths, Japanese Shinto stories, etc. etc.).


That’s all for now. Almost 3 am. I need to sleep.


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