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strange technological glitch.

June 19, 2011

Earlier this afternoon, my mom called our house with her cell phone. Instead of getting the message for the answering machine that I recorded, she got an answering machine message from over five years in the past, in her own voice.

My granpa died in 2008. Before that, for several years, he was living in a home for people with Alzheimer’s. When he went into that home, my grandma moved in with my aunt.

My grandma passed away last month.

It was at least 5 years ago when my grandpa and grandma lived in the same place.

My mom had recorded the answering message for them. “Hello, you have reached __ and __ __.” (The gaps are for their names, which I will not share) please leave a message.”

I tried calling home with my cell phone. Same message. We had a friend to call with her cell phone, same message. Then we asked someone else to call from a land line. She got the same message too.

I have left a recorded message for our latest phone number, which we have had for a few months. Before that for a few months, we had a different number, and for many many years previous, we had a different number.

We have never, ever had the phone number of my grandparents on our phone.

And yet here it shows up, when people try to call our house.

And I don’t know how!!

This lasted a day.

A strange technological glitch, or something stranger?


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