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music, some better days, youthful enthusiasm (as demonstrated by astonishing amount of exclamation points used in this post)

June 24, 2011

First, I want to mention that I am still having trouble typing. I don’t know why, but have been dealing with much more difficulty typing these past weeks than usual. I don’t know why. I’m a bit concerned.

I don’t want to go through this whole posting and edit it, proofread my mistakes, etc., so please be patient with me, thank you.


The day I am writing about is the 23rd. Even though by the calendar it is the 24th, since I have not gone to bed yet, for me, it is still the 23rd.

Did my usual going to bed just after 4 am. Used to be asleep by 3. I wake up every morning to use the bathroom, then go back to bed and sleep.

I am SO glad I can get back to sleep!

Got out of bed around noon.

Didn’t feel well at first. Always have anxiety problems and tinnitus when I get out of bed. Every day.

Not sure what to eat, so I stood in front of the fridge and worried, and wished I was a vegetarian, and knew how to cook vegetarian and vegan meals. Still no progress with that.

So I ate three eggs and 2 hot dogs. Cholesterol bombs, I know.

Been dealing with the shakes a little lately. Started end of the first week of this month? Had severe anxiety problems and hands started shaking some, which made me more worried!

Hands been shaking a little past few days. Don’t know why.

For at least a week I was taking a stronger sedative than the one I have been on. The one I have been taking for years is called klonopin. It takes awhile to take effect, and often during the day, it doesn’t help at all. At least at night it works.. helps me fall asleep.

Just got back on the klon. two days ago. Had been taking xanax.. works better in a way because it kicks in faster. The doctors I had in California were militantly against prescribing xanax, even though I’d been on it in years past.

Odd. Xanax has a higher addiction rate.. but that’s probably because it works better. Who knows..

My hand stopped shaking pretty quick. Got some food in my system, felt better. Didn’t take a shower because I usually take them in the evening, and also I didn’t want to get all cleaned up because I was planning on doing yard work later.

I have terribly dry skin, and taking showers makes my skin worse, no matter what lotion or other product I use, so I don’t want to take more than one shower a day.

At 1:20 I headed out to my last physical therapy appt. Been doing this for 3 weeks. Injured myself in April – bad sprain, torn ligaments.

Foot getting somewhat better though. The physical therapist has been very nice and her assistant is also friendly and a little bit cute.

I have been assigned exercises to strengthen my feet.. need to do these exercises every day for 6 weeks. I’d better put this on my calendar.

Also, I need to not be flaky and irresponsible about this, and really make an effort. I need to commit to doing good things for myself, which is still quite difficult for me to do.

Driving.. not fun!! Still VERY anxious about driving! Traffic was heavy, but I did get some green likes, and some breaks in the traffic here and there.

What scared me most is my inability to really focus. I do focus enough to drive safely, except for the stop sign I drove through at a two way intersection on Tuesday. It was a two way stop sign intersection because of crossing train tracks. I went right through that tiny intersection! No risk of being hit by other drivers, and if there were a train anywhere nearby I would have heard or seen it.

If a cop were nearby.. ouch.. that would have been bad!!

I missed the stop sign on Tuesday because I was playing some hair metal in the car. Been getting back into that lately!! Such AWESOME guitar solos!
If a hard rock band wanted to get anywhere back in the ’80’s, there had to be an amazing lead guitarist in the band.

I was listening to a brilliant song written in the year 2000, I’m guessing. There’s a movie called “Rock Star,” and it’s about a fictional ’80’s metal band called Steel Dragon. There original singer departs.. whether he quits or is fired, I am not sure. Mark Wahlberg plays an obsessive fan who sings in a Steel Dragon tribute band. He later joins the real band, goes on the road, gets all the groupies and drugs he wants, and eventually gets really sick of the rock star life.

I love this movie! It’s not near as funny as “This is Spinal Tap,” but still is quite good, especially if you are old enough to have grown up on the hair metal stuff.

The song from “Rock Star” that I was listening to was made to sound like it was recorded in the ’80’s, and the people who worked on it, and who also had parts in the movie, were part of the ’80’s rock scene. The singer was, I believe, the guy from Steelheart. More on that band later. Wahlberg lip synced the tunes.

The guys in the movie were Jason Bonham – son of the late John Bonham who was the drummer for Led Zeppelin. The lead guitarist was Zakk Wylde, who was the main dude backing up Ozzy from the mid-eighties until this past year or so.

The bassist was Jeff Pilson, from the band Dokken. The guitarist from Dokken (not in the movie) was George Lynch. He was good, but over-rated. I only liked a few songs by Dokken, and these days only like one.

Ok.. so, the song from “Rock Star” is called “We All Die Young.” One of the best rock songs I’ve ever heard! I think the meaning of the song is that we have short lifespans and die before we have a chance to learn a whole lot, and find better ways of living, so that even if we live to be 80 years old, in a sense we are still young, and don’t know much. Something like that.

Other songs and bands I was listening to.. “I’ll Never Let You Go” and “You Can’t Stop Me Lovin’ You” by Steelheart. This band showed up rather late in the hair metal scene. Excellent band though. The singer is a dude, but can sing higher than most women.. ear splitting high range.. four octaves maybe.. incredible!

Let’s see.. “Seventeen” by Winger.. superb guitar work by Reb Beach. Awesome riffage!

2 tunes by White Lion : “Wait” (with one of the BEST guitar solos I’ve hear) and “Little Fighter” – more fantastic guitar playing. The White Lion guitarist was Vito Bratta. I read years ago that he injured one of his hands and couldn’t play guitar anymore. A tragedy!

Hmm.. One song by a band called Britney Fox.. “Long Way to Love.” Most of the song is not hard to play.. I can even play some of it (sloppily) myself. But the guitar solo.. crazy! It even stumped my guitar teacher! I took lessons from a crazy, pushy, preachy evangelical guy who was mentally unbalanced, so I stopped taking lessons from him.

I even listened to a song by Twisted Sister.. not nearly as musically talented as most of the other groups in this genre, but experts at dressing in ridiculous ways, and writing some VERY catchy songs! The one I was listening to was “I Am, I’m Me.” It’s a song about freeing one’s self from religion. A song I’ve been able to relate to.

I had the tunes up louder than usual, and trying to sing along.. all those ’80’s singers had such high voices! I strained my throat a little, and singing along caused me to be more distracted while driving, so I stopped, and just enjoyed the tunes! Enjoyed them so much I went right through the stop sign.

That was Tuesday night.

Last night.. Wed. the 22nd. Remember, for me, it’s still the 23rd, not the 24th because I haven’t gone to bed yet.

Last night was the craziest thunder and lightning storm I have ever seen, besides a Wyoming lightning storm without clouds or rain or thunder.. with bolts going horizontally. I was a kid then.. never figured out that one.

But last night.. looked like a Spielberg movie when aliens are taking off into the sky and there are all these lights.. think “E.T.” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

The spectacular light show went on for over an hour!

Here are a few pictures:

Keep in mind, photos in blogs are naturally copyrighted, so if you steal mine, I get to sue you! Yay! Actually, I’d rather you didn’t steal my photos. Take your own.. discover the joy of photography!

So today.. after physical therapy, loaded some videos of the storm on youtube, replied to some emails, etc.

Had some excellent chicken alfredo stuff from Costco. Excellent food! Not quite vegetarian, but I tried to eat mostly the noodles and not much of the chicken.

I washed that meal down with a tasty beverage: Ranger IPA .. wow! A potent brew!

Right then.. moving on .. rest of the evening. It was hot today.. in the ’80’s.. so I waited until after 8pm to do yard work. Got a reasonable amount done. It stays light out here until 10 pm, but I quit before that.

Did laundry, watched part of a video (an interesting one from the History Channel) about body language, took a shower, worked on youtube stuff some more, posted a lightning photo on facebook, took a shower..

Also tonight.. on youtube.. changed some settings on my channel, had a little comment chat with another guy who videoed the same storm. How cool is that?!

Then I watched my favorite video on the entire youtube channel.

It’s a video of a live performance of the song “Goldilox.” One of my all-time favorite songs from one of my favoritest of bands.. King’s X!

One of the most underrated bands in the world. Actually.. although King’s X has made 15 albums, I only really love 29 of their songs. But those songs… wow. Words can’t express. And “Goldilox,” is, in my opinion, the best of them.

In the video, the band is on stage, and playing their instruments, but it is the audience who is singing! The singer (who also plays bass) directs the audience as they sing.

I always feel good when I watch that video! Very healthy thing to do.

Hmm.. the rest of the night..what shall I do? After I finish this (I really don’t feel like editing and proofreading this entry, so please excuse any typos and parts of the blog that don’t appear to make sense.. maybe they don’t. )

Will get something to eat, maybe watch a bit more of “Rock Star.” I don’t own many DVD’s compared to most people, but many of the DVD’s I own I watch over and over again. Why buy them if I’m not going to watch them?

Hmm.. hope the very loud dog next door doesn’t bark much at all.

Ok.. maybe read a little .. we’ll see.. just maybe get to bed before 4 am.

Tmw. Slight chance I will sell my mandolin and related stuff..

What I have planned for the day.. yard work .. digging up weeds, etc. plus mowing the lawn. We have a HUGE yard. Here are some parts of it..

That’s just some of it.

Going to mow the lawn,but first spend at least 20 minutes searching for pine cones in the tall grass and removing them. Going over a pine cone with the mower is vERY bad!

So, that’s what’s on for tmw. Also.. putting two more vids on youtube, one on FB, a few more emails..

Don’t know what else I will be up to. I find stuff to do.I don’t get bored. Just don’t want to spend most of the day in my room. Got out some today.. and plan to more in the future.

Gotta do those physical therapy exercises, and eventually get myself back to the gym.

Ok, that’s it for now.. I almost always write tons more than I planned! My ass hurts from sitting in this chair for so long! My eyes hurt from being on the computer for hours!

Time to stop for awhile! (Much more exclamation points used in this blog entry than usual!!)


Gooood Night !!!!!!!!

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