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motorcycle cop, and other dreams..

July 1, 2011

So I’m in the motorpool which looks much cleaner tha motor pools seen on TV. Hardly any grease anywhere, except a thin layer lining the walls.

I go over to my bike which is a silvery thing a little like the “Tron” bikes – maybe those from the first movie and not the second? I saw the first one when I was a kid, went through the Disneyland ride, which was awesome, although short, and back in the days when the Atari 2600 was by far the top home video game system.. with online critters and vehicles just made out of squares..

There were arcades – places to go full of noise, and still a fair amount of pinball machines, as compared to today, although there are still a few here and there. In these arcades were video games you had to stand up to play.. a joystick, a button or two. One of the games I remember, which I only played twice, but liked to watch the demonstrations when the game was not in use was the “Tron” games. The time I am talking about? Around 1982.

The second “Tron” film… out late last year? I watched in on DVD. Compared to the first film, it was not memorable, and I did not finish it, so I don’t remember what the Tron bikes looked like in the second film.

Mine in the dream, was not cartoon-like though. Even though it was barely just thick tires very thick tires and a small silvery seat and handlebars area like the Tron bikes. I didn’t have to hold on to a little stick that makes the bike appear out of digital thin air though, there it was.

My superior officer and riding partner was there. Can’t remember what he looked like. Taller than me, white guy. Don’t know what I looked like.. almost never see myself in a dream, just like I almsost never see myself in real life. Isn’t strange that other people can look at us all day, and see every detail of our physical appearance, and yet, we see ourselves only very briefly (unless we are extremely vain) in mirrors, and we only see the front of ourselves, and not profile or back. And we see others .. every detail, but they can’t see themselves. Only fair, but ironic too.

So I don’t know what I look like. Could be bald, like I am right now, just shaved head and face.. even goatee late at night.. but I think I had hair, but unlike in realife, I did not notice having hair, as in I was not sensitive to it being on my scalp.

I am guessing I was dressed like my superior officer. Dark green fatigues – cotton thick jacket, and he had a bigger military looking patch his shoulder, I think I had only two little black bars on mine, but unlike in the military, where two little black bars are the insignia for first liutenet , mine was a showing of a smaller rank.. that of regular officer.

We both had on slightly tighter pants with heavier cotton stitching on our knees.. for safety? Better riding pants, but certainly not as thick as jockey pants, which look to be almost as tight as what guys wear for ballet. No, we did not look ridiculous.

I think my superior officer had red hair which wasn’t exactly curly although not perfectly straight either.

We got along well.

He was telling me that he was going to put in some special fuel additive in his gas tank that would make his bike faster. We laughed and joked about it, and a guy or two in the motor pool laughed. This fuel additive works like fuel additives found in waking life at various auto parts stores and gas stations.This is the kind of product my superior officer had.

We were joking and laughing about this, because we all knew I have the faster bike.

His.. not sure what color it was.. a darker color.. army greenish but darker than his fatigues.. ours were more the color of park ranger digs, only darker than some.

So he put the additive in the gas tank, which might have been in a compartment in the rim of his wheel… don’t recall seeing any compartment at all on our bikes.. hardly even a seat.. and we rode leaning far down, but I don’t recall us experiencing any pain.

The next view is if there were a camera, like in the movies, and I saw us roll out. While with this view, it was like I was watching a film, sort of. Only the view, not like in a 3D film but all around.. it’s just the vantage point was as I am describing.

The roll way driveway up was like in the movie “Ironman” or fancy parking garage, or in the early Batman films or before than in the “Voltron” or Robotech” cartoons.. a clean concrete driveway/tunnel leading up to the outside world.

My riding partner was in the lead, but by the time we were outside, I had passed him on my silver bike and we laughed about this.

I don’t remember much about our travels, except we were on regular roads.. fairly wide ones.. but still asphalt roads with yellow broken lines down the middle.. hard to say how we rode though.. I think I was out in front, and him riding diagonally in front so he could see. Would have been over the line then, but almost no traffic on our road.

On either side for many miles.. dense thick forest and undergrowth.. deep green and brown colors of trees, and shorter stalks of dense undergrowth sort of faded yellows and greens.. very dense, impossible to walk through, although I do not think the trees were all that tall. 30 ft. at most?

We were highway patrolmen as far as I can tell.

We rode awhile, enjoying ourselves, fresh air, nice forest scenery, a sunny day, but not hot, perfect temperature, perfect weather.

We did not wear helmets. I have a feeling it was almost impossible and extremely unlikely to get in an accident. Just didn’t happen except to one or two people a year, or less.

There wasn’t much at all in the dream of us riding.

The next part of the dream, we had pulled a woman over in a small very faded red station wagon, looked like it was built in the 1970’s. I am assuming we were all living in a future time, considering these cool bikes and our outfits, which looked just slightly what motor cycle cops or park rangers would wear?

There was no scene in the dream of us pulling the car over, although I think my superior had something to do with it, and I didn’t.

We were parked sort of alongside the road.. there was a patch of dark earth strewn with lots of dead pine needles as you might expect on a forest road.

The woman was blonde and unkempt. Not sexy. Wearing some sort of old tank top and shorts, and maybe an old bib? Was that the style?

Sometimes it seemed like she had three kids, sometimes two? Little, boy maybe 8, girl perhaps 6?

The woman was crying. Her kids had to exit the vehicle to, and the boy looked a bit stunned and also a bit protective of his mom, like boys do feel when they are that age, and if they are good boys, and good men later in life, they still feel that way.

The kids.. also blonde.. slightly dirty, and in old faded summer clothes.

I was not talking with the woman, that was the other guy’s job, considering he outranked me. And I got the feeling I didn’t much like talking to people anyway, except for some people on the force, like my partner (who is also my superior officer) and the other guys in the motor pool, and presumably other people on the force. Very vague memory of a red haired woman, dressed like us? I was probably too shy to talk to her much.. but at least I did, ..hmm.. this memory is coming to me now that I am awake and typing.. so might not have occurred to me while I was sleeping and dreaming.

While my boss was questioning the blonde mother, I was searching the old station wagon. After a little bit of time, I found a metal shiny lined tube, thick and fairly short. I opened it sideways, there was liquid in it, just a little, clear like water, and a tiny bit of it turning to steam, but cold, like dry ice. The vile or tube or whatever only felt as cold to the touch as a metal cylinder would on a day like this with temperature like this..

Inside the tube were needles. Syringes. These almost totally filled the tube. Mean looking syringes with metal attached to the front that the needles protruded out of, thick clear tubes, with the etchings for doseages on them.. sort of like syringes dentists in our world (waking world) might use?

I didn’t think of dentists though. Just knew by site what the syringes were for. Heroin. Pre-loaded syringes, no need to cook the junk on a spoon first then suck it up with the needle and inject.

This was more modern heroin, I guess, kept cold in the cylinder with the lid on it. Heroin ready to be injected.

I do not recall seeing any needle marks on the woman’s arm, and she didn’t appear to be stoned. Scared, frustrated, a little pissed off, talking in that sort of voice. And for a little bit, my boss was holding her by the arm, but not tightly, didn’t hurt her.

I stood up, and my boss looked over at me. I held up the cylinder.

He looked more stren, talked to the woman some more. I don’t know what they were saying but her voice went up in pitch now, more scared.

The kids were standing, leaning against the station wagon. The girl in tears, but only barely. The boy, a bit taller, near tears, but also looking rather mad at me.

I went over to my boss to talk. The woman leaned against the hood of the station wagon.

Shift in viewpoint. A bit blurry though, as if looking through a windshield? No, that is another thought that has come to me now.. perhaps?

A bit blurry in any case though, as I could not see what I looked like.. except lighter hair than my boss? Blonde, but dark blonde, like I used to have in real life?

I had walked over to talk with my boss a little ways from the woman, her kids, and the vehicle. That is what I saw.

Then, back to first person viewing. I was irritated, wanted to arrest the woman and have her brought in. Her kids would have to be taken into the station too, and sit in the hall and wait while their mom was being questioned in a typical interview room just like in any police station. Two guys in a forest green van would have to be called up and drive to where we were, and pick up the kids and move the vehicle entirely onto the shoulder of the road, where it mostly was already.

But my boss disagreed with me. He was calm and speaking quietly. He said he wanted to let the woman go. I was getting more irritated, and said she had drugs, a cylinder full of syringes of heroin.. of hard drugs.. totally unfit mother of two kids, and should be taken in.

Boss calmly said no, so me, being just an officer, had to live with it, although I was mad about it. The boss was being merciful, but I wanted justice. Put that woman away.

I sullenly watched as the woman said a desperate thank you thank you to my boss.. the woman in tears now.. tears of surprise and relief. She got into the driver’s seat, her kids belted into the back seat.

And that was that. The end of the motor cycle cop part of my dream.


The next segment totally different. And I did not take part in it. Just an observer.

I remember almost nothing of it now. A dark skinned student watching TV with an older white woman.. in a red housedress.. woman blonde, in her 40’s not exactly spectacular looking. A book on the boy’s (a teenager.. 15?) lap. The woman was tutoring him. They were in an older looking apartment living room. This definitely not a slightly future time like the other dream, although the other dream did not feel futuristic, it just felt like reality.

I could tell that the boy and the woman were about to get intimate, and would lean into each other. Didn’t feel like seeing that.. so a scene change.

To a television.. flipping through the channels with my mind.. nothing on but shows even worse than those on TV now. Not exactly pornographic, but more sexual content.. more lewd jokes and so forth than on regular network TV. But not a whole lot different really, and not nearly as intense as most HBO programs.. these were just shows on regular TV channels.

I don’t remember seeing commercials. Just comedies, dramas, soap operas. I turned the TV off in disgust.

Next scene.. small TV studio, black cloth or paper background, a few studio lights. A few conventionally attractive women who I did not find attractive.. overly made-up, overly stylish hair, overly vapid expressions, mannerisms and voices, just like you would expect women to be and look like on some dumb re-cap show about other shows.. like on all those stupid entertainment shows. One blonde hair down yet styled in a red basic tube-like dress.. not futuristic looking, just a short one piece type dress.. and her counterpart a brunette with brown eyes and her hair pulled back some. Both laughing and talking, and the brunette laughing even harder and more in focus than the other, although I was not watching them on TV, this was a view of them in the studio.. I was slightly off to one side, seeing most of their faces, but the brunette more in profile at times.

They were laughing and giggling about the TV shows they were talking about.. not any show in particular, but shows from the new season.

I recall the brunette, besides laughing, saying..”and more great sex!” She thought this was not only highly amusing, but absolutely a good thing.. just awesome.

I was disgusted.

I don’t remember when exactly I woke up. There might have been other segments to the dream.

Thinking about this segment though.. while I am awake.. for many years now, that is the de-evolution of TV shows.. more sexual content and less quality..

At some point in time.. maybe the first part of the dream was second? I awoke. I was feeling pretty good and cool when I awoke.. so maybe the motorcycle cop part of the dream was last? Or my mind just didn’t bother with the second part of the dream.

I lay in bed a little while, comfortable. My room dark enough, considering I had the shades drawn and I live in the bottom part of a tri-level house.

Been thinking. Feeling like I should write my dreams down.. type them out here.

I had a troubling one four days ago.. I still remember it.. not scary, but unsettling. I didn’t take part in that one either.. just viewed.

Maybe I will type that one out sometime? The memory of it hasn’t faded all that much yet.. Oh yeah, I did take part in a little bit of it.

But haven’t wanted to write down.

Certainly won’t do that now. Hungry.. time for breakfast. And things to do today..

But at least one of the dreams was really cool in some ways.. so I felt good about writing it down here.

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