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passion and talent.

March 15, 2012

“Life would be easier if you could distinguish at birth between passion and talent.” – Carlos Cuaron, from his script for the movie “Rudo y Cursi.”

THAT’S my problem!! Having a passion for things I’m not talented in, yet believing I should pursue, and not wanting to do the things I’m best suited to.

The split head picture I posted in a previous entry… torn between passion for trying to learn how to do things I am not naturally good at, and a major reluctance to pursue things that I DO have a talent for. It can drive a man mad!!

Blessed are those whose talent and passion are the same thing!!

I spent over 20 years trying to become an amazing guitarist. Didn’t work! I still can’t fumble through one song!

I could have spent the time writing, or studying a foreign language, or even singing.. I’m a better singer than musician.

Even now I feel a tug to pick up one of my instruments that I keep around my room. Not good at any of them.

I might have a bit of a talent for bass, but don’t want to play it. Sick of obsessing over instruments!

Damnint. I’m going to finish this movie, and then study some Spanish. I have a talent for languages. I need to develop that talent, and maybe, developing this talent, and others, will cause me to have a passion for what I am good at.


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