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erectile pain, one cause of it, and a solution for this problem.. a men’s health issue.

December 17, 2012

For awhile I was experiencing pain during erections. It was an odd pain. I have not been sexually active in quite awhile, and have been tested in the past.. plus I am aware of symptoms of various diseases, and easily figured out that I was not dealing with any pain caused by a disease.

It was a pain that felt like a strained muscle. There are muscles in the penis that can be strained.

It took me awhile, but I figured out why I was feeling pain.

I really was straining my penis.. and here is how I was doing it.

Men, at some point during our sleep cycle, get erections. It doesn’t matter at all what we have been dreaming about. It’s something to do with how our brains work during sleep.

I finally figured out that when I got an erection during sleep, I was straining my penis.

Here’s how:

When I would get an erection while sleeping, my penis would push against the fabric of the pajama pants I worn to bed. These are not very tight pajama bottoms, but unfortunately, they were still snug enough for me not to be able to extend fully without pushing against the fabric.

I stopped wearing anything to bed, and made sure not to tuck in the covers too tight.

Since I’ve been sleeping naked, I haven’t been experiencing any pain when I’ve had erections.

And this.. is a VERY good thing.

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