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some brief online dating advice for women. this stuff may scare you, but it’s important.

April 25, 2013

So many women seem to have the misguided notion that they can get a real sense of a guy though his emails. So they put a guy through many weeks of writing emails back and forth. Yes, it is sometimes true that women can get a good sense of a guy by reading what he writes, but I bet a lot of men out there who are predators can also write well, and know how to seduce women via email.. to lull these women into a false sense of security.

Another thing some women have not figured out yet is that writing things like “no head games” on their profiles just shows the bad guys that those women are still possibly vulnerable, and likely susceptible to being victimized again. Ladies.. don’t put stuff like that on your profiles. It’s like dangling meat before a shark.

For those of us who are decent guys, reading “no head games” or no drama” .. well, that’s a turn off. It’s very unoriginal and lets us know that women who write such things might be rather messed up because of being victimized by guys in the past.

Lastly, women who put up pictures of their kids are being unwise. Those pictures could attract pedophiles. I don’t know how common pedophiles are these days, since it has been years since I spent lots of time studying the social sciences. But, it is true that some men romance women in order to get to their kids.

Women, stay safe. And keep your kids safe too.

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