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are macs sold at best buy worse?

September 11, 2013

I am wondering if macs sold at Best Buy stores are worse than macs sold at the Apple Store or online directly through Apple.

I am wondering this because I bought a refurbished macbook pro at Best Buy. The space bar was caved in on the left side, and did not work properly. I brought the computer back into the store, and made an exchange for a new one.

While at Best Buy, I asked the customer service person who was helping me if the space bar issue was a common problem. He said yes, that the folks at Best Buy had been receiving a lot of returns of new macs because of the space bar.

I’ve had my new mac since March of this year. I use it on average of about 4 hours a week. I mostly use my desktop. Although I hardly ever use this laptop, the space bar is already starting to sink in on the left side. It has not ceased to function, and I always hit the space bar with my right thumb, but it is still sinking.

Also, the brightness of the display keeps getting darker. Maybe there is some brightness lock function that I have not found. I have looked for one, but maybe I need to look more. Or maybe this computer is yet another faulty unit.

I am wondering if Best Buy gets macs that are more poorly made than those that are sold by Apple directly. Macs sold at Best Buy are sometimes on sale, and therefore cheaper than macs sold directly by Apple. Cheaper might mean worse.. who knows.

Has anyone had any problems with macbook pros or other macs sold at Best Buy?

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