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while brushing your teeth.. turn off the tap!

March 28, 2014

I have a bad habit. I leave the water on while brushing my teeth. I’ve done this since I was first able to brush my teeth. I like the sound of the water. I like to see the water flowing from the faucet into the sink. It’s like having my own tiny waterfall in my house, and I can control it, which is neat.

But I waste a lot of water.

I brush my teeth between three and four times a day, and take several minutes to brush my teeth thoroughly. I eat a lot of spicy foods and don’t want to have bad breath.

I keep leaving the water on!

I need to turn the water off while I am brushing. I don’t want to waste water.

Water is a precious resource. If all of us who are fortunate to have clean, running water turn off our taps while brushing, we can help the the planet!

While brushing our teeth, let’s all turn off the tap!

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