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two weird movies.

April 3, 2014

Both of these films are from and set in Australia. Both were directed by Peter Weir.

(note: I’ve at times had trouble with youtube links. Occasionally they redirect to some scam site called linkbucks. If you land there, don’t download anything).

“Picnic at Hanging Rock.”  There’s a boarding school for girls in the Outback. Why there? I don’t know. Many of the girls head out to a mysterious area for a picnic. A few girls disappear. People look for them. That’s pretty much the whole plot. I’m not spoiling anything with this brief summary. It says on the back of the DVD case that some girls disappear. And you can see them in the trailer for the film, wandering off.

Doesn’t sound all that weird, does it? Well.. if you are the patient sort, and like unusual films… watch this one… you’ll see.

“The Last Wave.” This one is a little harder to describe. The film is about a white lawyer assigned to defend some Aborigines. He starts to have strange visions, and things get crazier and crazier from there. I can’t claim to fully understand this movie, but that’s alright.

Enjoy.. and don’t feel surprised if you feel a bit (or more than a bit).. odd.. after watching these films.

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