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a way to prevent or at least diminish acne.

May 6, 2014

This is very simple, although it might take some practice..

Don’t touch your face.

Our hands have oil in them. Ever touch a window, the hood of a car, or an electric guitar, especially one with a black finish? We leave marks. It’s because of the oil in the skin of our fingertips.

People who touch their faces a lot are likely to have acne. The oil from the fingertips goes into the skin of the face.

A long time ago, someone gave me excellent advice – I was told I should avoid touching my face unless I’m washing it. I’ve followed this advice, and doing so is one reason I still don’t have acne.

There’s a woman I met recently met who has facial acne pretty bad. She touches her face a lot. It’s a nervous habit she has. Much of her acne is located where she habitually puts her hands. I don’t know her well enough to tell her not to touch her face. I’d tell her, but I don’t want to offend her.

I can at least post this advice on my blog and hope people read it. Even if you have acne now, if you find yourself touching your face a lot, try to stop. It’s possible your acne will improve, at least a little.

Spread the word.

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