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dumb american, dumb american, she was a dumb american..

August 31, 2014

1. Yes, I was thinking of the song, “Young Americans,” by David Bowie.

2. I am an American, so it’s OK for me to bash Americans. Actually, it’s OK with me if others do so. I’m not exactly super-patriotic. I love America, and am very grateful to be an American. However, I disagree with what much of the government does, and am not so crazy about many people who live here.

3. I can occasionally be dumb myself, but not as dumb as most Americans. Except in some ways.

4. Yes, I know titles of entries are supposed to have some capital letters. But that’s not my style.

Ok.. so.. I was browsing through a rather interesting website called and found this..

Conversation with a girl on the Subway in NYC :
Her:”Are you from India?”
Her:”Really unfair how we Americans just start talking about Slumdog millionaire everytime we talk to an Indian”
Me(Surprised because I’d never heard that before):”Ya, that’s really annoying”
Her:”I mean India isn’t all slums, I was in Dubai last year, you guys lead a pretty luxurious lifestyle, dunno why only word about slums goes around”
Me – “huh??”
Her:”I guess its mainly because of states like Pakistan and Bangladesh!”
Me – speechless

Why this is funny.. (I get to play Mr. Smarty-Pants).

1. Ok, this part is more troubling than funny, but still.. The woman is dumb enough to think that every time Americans meet people from India, the Americans start spouting off about the film, “Slumdog Millionaire,” which shows how horrible life can be in India. I am guessing most Americans have enough decency not to start talking about that movie when they meet people from India. This woman obviously has no class, or has terrible social skills, or is just really stupid. Or all three.

2. Dubai is not in India. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. The woman was probably thinking of Mumbai (also called Bombay), which is the most populous city in India. Or she could have really gone to Dubai, and thought she was in India. I hope she’s not that dense. That’d be scary. Maybe it was a really long flight, and she got quite drunk, fell asleep, and didn’t realize Dubai is part of the UAE, and not in India.

3. Pakistan and Bangladesh are not states that are part of any nation. Pakistan and Bangladesh are nations. is not primarily a site for humor. It’s a site where anyone can post an intelligent question, and get an answer.. many answers, actually.  It’s amazing to see such a variety of questions and answers.

People can not only post questions, and answer questions, but also vote on the answers. Some of the people who answer various questions are experts in their fields.

The question that was answered with the dialog above was something like, “What is the stupidest thing someone has ever said to you?” Or something like that.

I’ve yet to encounter any foul-mouthed, crazed, youtube-type trolls on Quora, which is wonderful.

Many very bright people on Quora are Americans.

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