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thee (not “three”) corvids.. or most recent upload.

September 25, 2014

Youtube has been doing weird things. I had planned to present in this post a video I made of a performance by Irish Dance Idaho, at the Treasure Valley Celtic Festival and Highland Games.

But that only showed up here until I uploaded another video, then that one showed up in this post. I then figured that each time I uploaded a new video, it would show up here.. but that isn’t happening. The video I uploaded right after the dance video appears to be stuck on this post.. at least for now.. so..

Presenting.. Thee Corvids. At first I thought the group was called Three Corvids, but I was wrong. I am guessing the band is called Thee Corvids because there is already a group called The Corvids. To avoid copyright dispute, the band I have in this video added another “e.” But this is just a guess.

This video I made is, like the video I’d intended to post, from the Celtic Festival and Highland Games, which happens every year in Garden City, Idaho. This year’s Celtic Festival was on 9/13/14.

Thee Corvids is a Celtic band. Their music is mostly fairly dark, but the last part of the video is amazing and very funny.

If there’s another video on this post, and not Thee Corvids.. well, like I said.. youtube does weird things.

I hope you enjoy the following video.. whatever it is..

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