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great songs you haven’t heard yet: fairly upbeat indie rock edition.

October 8, 2014

These are songs I have been enjoying for years. None of groups who recorded these songs ever broke into the mainstream or got even close to doing so, at least not in America.

There’s a LOT of life outside the mainstream! And a lot of great music too.

If you don’t like one of the songs, just skip to another.. you’ll probably like at least one of these.

Most of the videos are audio only. I couldn’t find any good live footage, or actual videos for most of these songs.

I was a neighbor of the guitarist in this next band. Sadly, the audio in this clip is not the best. I have some live footage of one of their concerts on my channel, but have been having difficulty putting my own videos in my blog posts.

Ok.. one more from this band. Video and song are both excellent.

The video for this next song has some graphic scenes in it, some of them from the movie “Sin City.” I don’t know why. But anyway.. I quite like the song.

The band is from Seattle, I met them when they played a gig in Modesto, California back in 2007. 2 girls and a guy, both girls hot! (But they are not the women in the video). One was quiet, but the other was friendly. The friendly one quit the band to front her own, but it wasn’t, in my opinion, as good. Oh well.

This last song is more wistful than upbeat, but rather good.

More music posts to come in the near future! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the tunes.

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