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from the archives: band shots 2007.

November 2, 2014

The Arcane Empire.







happy josh

These photos are from a gig at The Mustang Club, in Modesto, CA. The place doesn’t exist anymore. Here’s a video from the show. I didn’t make the video, but am glad somebody did. The song is called “Dance for Fire.” The guitarist told me the song was inspired by a Basque legend of some kind. Sadly, this band broke up years ago. This video, and the two others from this gig, are the only ones I can find that feature The Arcane Empire’s lead vocalist, Richie Cooks. The other vocalist in one of the photos was a guest, a friend of the band.  

Richie has some solo videos on youtube, which are pretty good. Here’s one from 2009. Open mic night at Queen Bean Coffee House in Modesto, CA.

This is a video of Richie singing in a band called Resonner, which he formed with an instrumental group called Jupiter Is Useless. Resonner only recorded two songs. This one is called “Ceva.” The sound in the video is rather faint. Great song though.

Solar Powered People.






This group is still active, as far as I know. The photos are from a gig at Hero’s Sports and Pizza, in Modesto. I have some video footage from this show, but for some bizarre reason unknown to me, I cannot load certain videos from my youtube channel onto my blog. So.. I’ll post a video from one of their other gigs.

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