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the art of danielle demaray.

December 7, 2014

Danielle Demaray is a rather unique artist from a small town outside Boise, called Emmett. Danielle has created some of the darkest, most grim art I’ve seen, and also some of the best.

After viewing the pictures below, you’d probably imagine this woman to be a total goth-type, real creepy, but she’s quite the opposite. A very nice, warm person. Married, has a happy family. I met her before I saw her art. When I saw it, I was shocked. But impressed.

Danielle’s work is currently on display at Visual Arts Collective, in Garden City, Idaho. Garden City is a town that is entirely surrounded by Boise. Sometimes it’s hard to know if one is in Garden City or Boise, but I do know that VAC is in Garden City. Visual Arts Collective is a place for bands to play concerts, and also a sort of art gallery.

I went to VAC for the first time, last night, because last night was the opening night of Danielle’s exhibition. The exhibition is called “The Art of Mourning.” It will be on display through January 31st of 2015.

I asked Danielle for permission to take photographs of her art and put these pictures on my blog. She said yes. Here are my favorites from the exhibit. The first one is huge! The second photo is a close-up of one part of it.

Dark art? Yes. Amazing? Definitely.

"the healing garden," danielle demaray

the healing garden, closeup, danielle demaray








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