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thee corvids performing at shangri-la tea room, part i.

December 21, 2014

No, that isn’t a typo in the title, the band is really called “Thee Corvids,” not “Three Corvids.” There are five members in the band, but two couldn’t make it to this gig.

The band plays mostly Celtic music.

The Shangri-La Tea Room and Cafe is a rather nice place in Boise. Great tea and great cooking as well. And there’s often live music!

Thee Corvids were not planning on doing the gig this past night. One of their members was scheduled to do a solo performance, but he was in a car accident (not a severe one, so I heard, he just couldn’t play this past evening), so several of the other members of the band showed up.

I got to sit in on one of their numbers, and played a low whistle (like a tin whistle but an octave lower) made out of PVC pipe. I’m not in any of the pictures though.

I’ll be putting together a long video of the performance, and will hopefully have it uploaded to youtube later today. For some reason I cannot fathom, I cannot post my own youtube videos on my blog lately. So, I will, after I finish the video, post a link to my channel. If that works.

Right then.. at least I got some pictures to share with you.

Thee Corvids




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