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great music you haven’t heard: moses sumney edition.

January 25, 2015

This guy isn’t famous yet, but deserves to be. I first heard him last week on a podcast called Sound Opinions. The two hosts of the podcast went to the world famous South by Southwest music festival in Austin, TX. They talked about their favorite performers who they’d never heard of before going to SxSW. Moses Sumney was one of the few artists mentioned as being among the best at the festival.

Here are a few of Sumney’s songs. First, I’ll post two versions of the same song, partly because I like it so much. The other reasons I’m posting two versions is that they sound different from each other (one being live, one being a studio track), and also it’s easier to hear and understand the lyrics of the studio recording. The live music video is beautiful visually as well as sonically, so I’ll post that one first.

And now the studio version:

Here is a song he did as part of a group called Manzanita:

Sometimes Sumney won’t use any instruments, and will instead create sound loops of his vocalizations, hand claps, etc., and sing over the loops. This song is wonderful.

For more information on Moses Sumney:

And a great interview..

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