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schylar davis: live at the crux.. the video!!

March 21, 2015

This past day, I created a youtube channel called “LIVE AT THE CRUX.”  Here in Boise, there is a coffee house and nightspot called The Crux that has live music at least three evenings a week. It also features displays of various works by local artists.

I’m not employed by The Crux. I like sharing music, and came up with the idea for a Crux channel. I’ll still continue to post other live music videos on my main youtube channel, Kerkuil’s Channel (my username there is “heartywhistler.. can’t change it either). I’ve got a huge variety of videos on there:

This past Wednesday, 3/18/15, I shot my first video at The Crux. The performer on stage was a fantastic singer-songwriter named Schylar Davis. She was awesome. Reminded me somewhat of Melissa Ethridge, but otherwise really had her own sound. And what a powerful sound!!

On Thursday night, I used iMovie to radically alter the video footage I’d shot, and put a video together. I’ll be putting four videos of Schylar up on the channel, but I haven’t finished the other three yet. I’m doing four instead of one that is quite long, because it takes at least 5 hours to upload a 20 minute video onto youtube. I tried uploading a 57 minute video a few weeks ago, and it didn’t process.. so.. 4 shorter videos instead of one very long one.

I think this first one is going to be the best of the four, and this is the one I’d like to share with you.

You can contact Schylar at

And you can find some of her songs on reverbnation:

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