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band shots 3/26/15

March 28, 2015

Boise is in the midst of a massive music festival called Treefort. 430 bands. It runs from March 25-29th. Trouble with Treefort is the wrist band to get into all the venues costs something like $200. Another problem with Treefort.. fewer and fewer bands signed to play are local.

The people in charge of booking bands and running the sound at a coffeehouse called The Crux decided to have their own mini-festival. 6 or more bands per night through the 29th. Free admission. All ages (unlike many Treefort venues). Most bands are from the Boise area.

I was at The Crux on the 26th, and made videos and took photos of five bands. I haven’t processed the videos yet. That’s going to take awhile.. at least a week. I’ll post the videos here when I’m done.

For now though.. the photos.. two of each band. Presenting..

ATLAS NOVUS. Caldwell, ID. Heavy, raw, intense rock. Two of the guys look like they are 15 or younger. This band slams!! I can’t wait to share the videos with you!!

Atlas Novus band


ORGANIC MECHANICS. Boise, ID. Funky Blues Rock. The singer is Schylar Davis. I featured her in a few previous posts. She did a solo performance last week. This was Organic Mechanics’ first gig.

organic mechanics

Organic Mechanics, John Hughes, Schylar Davis

UNEXAMINED LIVES. Boise, ID. Hardcore, incredibly loud screaming metal. My ears are still ringing.

Unexamined Lives

Unexamined Lives Boise Hardcore

SHROUDED IN VEILS. Seattle, WA. Post-rock ambient. Very heavy, surreal music.

Shrouded In Veils


SATYR CO. Boise, ID. Very strange, dark industrial EDM (Electronic Dance Music). The guy in the group is in charge of booking bands and running sound at The Crux. The woman I’ve not yet met. Sexy? YES.

Satyr Co., Doc Woolf

Satyr Co., Doc Woolf, Hollow Rendon

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