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organic mechanics: second gig.

April 30, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I got to hang out at John’s place with him and Schylar, who came by after she got off work.  John is the lead guitarist and Schylar fronts the band.

I went over the raw video footage with them so that they could choose which songs to include and which ones to leave out. After that, they jammed for a little while and I got to listen to a concert in a living room. Also got to listen and watch them work on new material. Pretty cool. They are both, in my opinion, very good songwriters, who make an excellent team.

Here’s the video I made of their second gig. The only place they’ve played at so far is The Crux. I expect they’ll be playing at more venues. Schylar is quite busy with several projects though. She performs solo, and fronts another band called The Vertigo. Maybe I will make a video of that band sometime. If you scroll down aways, you can see a video I made of Schylar’s solo performance last month.

But right now… enjoy Organic Mechanics!

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