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newest video project: boise folk band: inanna’s temple.

May 23, 2015

Not all the members of the band were present at the gig at Kind Cuisine Cafe in Boise some weeks back. But the two members who performed did rather well. The pianist, Chad Gold, is the frontman for Thee Corvids (that is not I typo, I do mean “Thee”), a Boise Celtic band. When performing with Inanna’s temple, Chad does not sing lead. The vocalist is named Paula Baillie Lewis.

A note about the video.. when I first got to Kind Cuisine, the sun was shining in. As the the sun went down, the room got a bit darker. My camera does not like artificial light. That’s why the video eventually gets more grainy, and why almost all the videos I’ve shot at another venue, The Crux, have a grainy texture to them. I choose various effects to make the grainy footage look better than it would otherwise, and get some interesting results.

Ok then.. here are two members of Inanna’s temple, playing some sweet, romantic songs.

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