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a northwest evening.

May 24, 2015

The weather.. wonderful. These past few days and nights.. spring has never felt quite so good to me since I moved to the Boise area several years ago. Currently 64 degrees Fahrenheit and breezy.

I drove out to Nampa this evening. Left just before 9pm. Still light.

The clouds were very impressive to see. Even long after sunset, they were quite beautiful. The air felt wonderful.

I really enjoy the drive out to Nampa. I take a scenic route through agricultural land, heading west on Ustick Rd., then left, heading south on the 11th Ave Extension, which takes me rambling through countryside, up a hill and down an overpass, turning toward the west, through the outskirts of the city and into the small downtown area of Nampa.

As I reached the crest of the hill before heading into town, it became that magic time when the lights along the streets, homes and businesses come on, but it is still dusk. Not yet full dark.

The reason for my journey? Besides the drive, I rode to Nampa to relax at my favorite coffee house.. best one I’ve been to in any state.. Flying M Coffee Garage. It stays open ’til 11pm almost ever night.

I sat on a couch facing the front doors. The doors were open and the air drifted in. I stayed for just over an hour, reading, and doing a bit of sketching.

On quiet nights, 2nd Ave and 14th St. in Nampa is my favorite intersection in the world. For some, it’s Hollywood and Vine, or Haight and Ashbury, or Rue de whatever in Paris.

For me it’s that humble intersection in Nampa, where I find the Flying M, a thrift shop, small farm supply store, a little furniture shop, a small skateboard and clothing store across the street. Late in the evening, all the businesses are closed at that intersection, except for Flying M. I sit alone, see the traffic lights go through their cycles, a few cars pass. I watch the wind move the leaves and branches of the trees across the street.

I sit and listen to the music. The CD’s the staff choose to play are almost always excellent. The music tends to be wonderful and not turned up too loud. I often ask who the band is, and what album I am hearing, so I can later look up what I had heard. But it’s not the same listening to that music at home compared to sitting there on a couch in the coffee garage while the breeze drifts in.

The drive home in the dark was lovely. There’s something about riding through farmland at night.. very peaceful and yet a mysterious feeling as well. All that open land in the darkness. The light of a few houses and industrial businesses in the distance, a few farms and homes along the rode. The different smells, depending on the crop. That earthy scent and feel.

Continued to feel wonderful once I rode into town. First through Meridian, then into Boise.. the two cities are attached, and it can be a bit difficult to figure out exactly where the borders are between the two.

Finally home in Boise. I am sitting at my computer. Tucker the puppy is asleep nearby. Front and back doors are open, with just the screen doors closed. There isn’t much of a breeze now, but still some air passes through.

The breeze is coming through a little more now as I write this.

I hear almost nothing but the wind in the trees in the backyard, and the ticking of the clock.

And I am quietly happy.

I hear almost nothing but the wind in the trees in the backyard, and the ticking of the clock.

And I am quietly happy.

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