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portuguese gremlins and community.

August 15, 2015

What if there were a Portuguese version of the classic ’80’s comedy/horror film “Gremlins?”


Well… that isn’t a real movie trailer. That’s from the end of an episode of my all-time favorite TV show, “Community.” It is the most original sitcom I’ve ever seen. It is set at a community college, but the humor goes unimaginably further out than one might imagine could come from such a mundane setting.

Movie parodies, reference humor, meta-humor, loads of political incorrectness, Chevy Chase, John Oliver (from “The Daily Show”) a fantastic cast, two very attractive women, a crazy dean who is “way beyond gay,” as he says, a mentally unstable half-Arab guy who makes movies not bombs (and is the heart of the show, I think), extraordinary psychotic breaks, occasional bits of eccentric animation, incredibly creative plots..

The first five seasons are on DVD, in syndication on various TV channels, and on hulu. The sixth season is only on yahoo screen, which is too bad, but the episodes of the sixth season are great.

Here’s the trailer for season 1:

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