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shrouded in veils performing “reverse parallels,” an original and unusual instrumental.

September 17, 2015

This video is from a project I made in May for a Seattle band called Shrouded In Veils. No light show.. I added all the effects using iMovie. Shot the video with a camera mostly made for still photography. The band performed at The Crux in Downtown Boise. Sadly, The Crux closed a couple months back. Glad I got there in time for some great music.

This is a killer instrumental, and I had a lot of fun making the video. Enjoy.

The band sometimes sounds like Tool mixed with The Cure. You can hear more on Soundcloud:

(Scroll down for more tracks. Isn’t Soundcloud awesome?)

And find the band on facebook:

My media page is here:

I made videos of many bands (playing hardcore, folk, blues rock and more) that performed at The Crux. You can find the videos here:

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