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thee corvids live at 2015 treasure valley celtic festival.

October 3, 2015

This is my newest video. The performance was last week. I made the video last night, and uploaded it today.

Thee Corvids is a Celtic/theatrical group based in Boise, Idaho. The festival occurs yearly at the Idaho Expo fairgrounds in Garden City, ID. Garden City is a small town completely encircled by the city limits of Boise.

Unfortunately, there is an ad on this video. My videos have almost never had ads. Youtube is now putting ads on videos that have “matched third party content.” I was thinking all of these songs on this video were public domain. Maybe they are, but if a group records a song, does that mean the song is no longer public domain? I don’t know.. but there are ads on some of my videos now. The bands aren’t getting any money, and neither am I.


I hope you enjoy the music.

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