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27 seconds in heaven.

December 22, 2015

A few years ago, I got into making experimental music on my computer. Last year, I shot some video footage with an old ipod nano, and learned how to use some video editing software. I made three strange videos with music, then stopped. Got into other things.

This past year, I occasionally used the ipod or my camera to shoot videos that I thought would go well with my music, but created almost no new music.

I’ve decided I’m getting back into making experimental music and unusual videos. I plan to make a lot more.

This evening, I used the ipod to shoot some very short videos while walking on a footbridge over the Boise River. I liked the way a bright light on top of the bridge looked through the tiny camera of the ipod. While making a video of the light, I held down the main button on the ipod longer than I had planned.

A screen showed up that I had never seen before! All these surprising video effects!

I selected “kaleidoscope,” and kept the ipod pointed at the light. Amazing results!

Why only 26 seconds? The battery lost its charge. I am very grateful for what I got, though, and incredibly stoked to find the screen with available effects. I am going to have a lot of fun in the future! Many of the effects on the ipod are not to be found in my video software.

After I returned home, I created some music for the video. Here is the result:

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  1. January 7, 2016 7:29 AM

    Hi! I love the ambient music in the video. I try to achieve similar effects as part of my experimental music, such as in “Railscapes” ( I look forward to hearing more of your work!

    • tomschronicles permalink*
      January 7, 2016 3:59 PM

      Thanks! We definitely have similar taste in the sort of ambient music we create. Most of the music I’ve made on my computer isn’t ambient though.. too dark and weird.. semi-industrial. But ambient music is really nice, and I think I’ll make more.

      I checked out your video. I love the title, “Railscapes.” Good music and video too. It’s fun to shoot with something other than a regular camera. I don’t have a smart phone, so I use an ipod nano that was made many years ago. Works great. I noticed you wrote that you shot your video on your phone. Cool. I’ll check out more of you videos on your site.

      Do you use vimeo instead of or in addition to youtube?

      Not sure when I’ll be recording more music. My goals these days are mostly to learn music theory, develop some ability on the piano, so I can use my little computer midi keyboards better, learn bass guitar, and work on my singing. I might make some more computer music just for fun though. I’ve got some odd video footage I want to add music to.

      Thanks for your comment! Do you have a blog here on wordpress?

      • January 13, 2016 7:30 AM

        Hi buddy,
        I do indeed have a blog here on WordPress (

        At the moment I do not have a YouTube account. For some reason, I had issues setting one up, so I only use Vimeo for now. I am working on a few things at the moment, including a minimalist work, a small-scale ballet score (for 2-3 dancers with music for 1-2 players), as well as writing more ambient music.

        The videos on my Vimeo site were indeed shot using my iPhone. For the upcoming pieces, I will attempt to shoot some interesting footage, but that is merely to give the listener something to watch (which hopefully does not detract from the music, or ruin the feel of the piece). The last one I uploaded (“6×5” uses only photographs so I am hoping to put a little more effort in next time around!

        Have a great 2016!

        Tim xx

      • tomschronicles permalink*
        January 17, 2016 6:58 PM

        Very cool how active you are with music, even scoring a ballet!
        How did you get involved doing work with the dancers?

        What bands, musicians, etc., do you like?

        Youtube, yeah, I had some trouble with it too in the past. Couldn’t get the links to post here. Glad I don’t have that problem anymore.

        Have you recently tried to set up a youtube account?

        I have a different approach to visuals and music. For the few music videos I’ve created featuring my own work (I’ve done tons of videos of bands, but very little of my own stuff), I’ve made something interesting to look at first, then created the music for it, or used some of my earlier music.

        My youtube channel is: Heartywhistler is my user name.. I used to play the tinwhistle quite a bit, but the channel is called KerKuil’s Channel.. “kerkuil” is Dutch for “church owl,” what we in America call “barn owl.” I worked with owls and many other birds for a bit over two years. You can see some videos of the birds on my channel.

        I’ll check out your blog and more music.

        What country do you live in? If I remember correctly, the “Railscapes” footage was in England. But my memory is sometimes a bit iffy.

        I’m in Boise, Idaho, and have been in the area for 5 years, but lived in the Central Valley of California most of my life.

        Thanks for your comment, and you have a good new year as well.

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