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hello to new subscribers.

November 28, 2016

I’ve picked up some new subscribers recently. This is a surprise, since, until just a moment ago, I hadn’t posted anything in over a month. I’ll be posting more often in the future.

First of all.. thanks for subscribing.

Secondly.. I feel I should mention this is what I call an “everything” blog, as you probably have already guessed if you’ve looked at the tag cloud to the right, or read my “about” section.

I post a LOT of photographs. In fact, for the past year or so, this has mostly been a photography blog.

However, I also write about all kinds of stuff, especially music and spirituality. But I cover other topics as well, from time to time.

Just thought you might like to know.

Lastly, I have three youtube channels which you might like.

The first is my “everything” channel. It is called “Kerkuil’s Channel,” although my old user name is “hearty whistler.” I play Celtic tunes on the tin whistle, and thought (wrongly) that “hearty whistler” would be a cool channel name.

I later changed the name. “Kerkuil” means “barn owl” in Dutch. I used to work with owls and other birds. You can read about my wildlife center experiences here in various posts, and see some wildlife from the center, and other wildlife as well, on the channel.. I have many other kinds of videos on there too:

The second channel is for music videos I made of bands that performed at a Boise coffee house and night spot that unfortunately closed last year. The place was called The Crux.  There is QUITE a variety of music on this channel, and I really went crazy with the video editing and special effects. There was no big light show at The Crux, so I added my own effects, lighting changes, and etc. to make the videos a lot more interesting.

My last channel only has a few videos on it thus far. This channel is for my experimental music and odd, very short films I’ve made to go with the music. wEirD STufF.

Thanks again for subscribing.

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